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  • August 24, 2022 5 min read


    What are blood thinners? What are CBD topical products? How can an individual use them? Are they related? This article explains the relationship between CBD topicals and blood thinners.

    For the individual taking certain medication or prescription, one may have heard something about the relationship between CBD topicals and blood thinners. Generally, CBD oil is a great option for relief from joint pains, but there may be a risk of bad interaction when combined with blood-thinning medication. There's no value in swapping out one ailment for another. The best approach is to ask your doctor whether or not using CBD topical will have any negative consequences. Physicians can make a recommendation for a blood test and physical test. It ensures your body doesn't suffer adverse reactions when taking supplements. However, the more you think about these mixtures, the simpler it is to settle on a good choice. This article looks at how CBD topicals work and why they could interact with blood-thinning medication.

    How Grape Fruit Factors In

    How is there a connection between grapefruits to CBD supplements? Generally, it turns out that certain foods can alter how medications work. However, grapefruits can cause a more rapid and prolonged drug release with blood thinners. It can lead to ineffective medicine or toxic overdoses. It can offset blood thinners like nifedipine by weakening the body's ability to create enzymes. Enzymes are also crucial in absorbing waste and stopping the effects of medicine, making blood thinner not work as intended. Basically, without enzymes, your cells would never stop growing, leading to the potential for more mutation. The main function of enzymes is to slow the growth of cells.

    Why Topicals Might Be Different 

    Tropical is intended to give restricted alleviation to your body. It is done by exploiting your body and sweeping the endocannabinoid framework. The ECSS is a transformative framework that keeps you solid and cheerful. Fogaça & Duman (2019)explained that taking CBD encourages a wide range of frameworks through receptors in our bodies. One of the organs contains receptors in the skin. The receptors trigger the cannabinoids and hinder their reaction, which can cause torment. CBD oil has a compelling technique leading against aggravation. It is why an ever-increasing number of people are picking it as a choice to relieve discomfort patches. However, the pill-based drug contains no thc; therefore, it doesn’t have psychoactive effects. They are also nonpoisonous and don't contain well-being risks like other prescriptions.

    Is It a Good Idea for You to Use Cbd Topical?

    As said before, you should take a more blood slender drug. Generally, you ought to put resources into quality CBD items. They will work as intended, so you don't have to spend too much of your money. There are many ways of knowing what CBD product will function well and the first is to peruse lab reports. Dickson et al. (2018) explained that these are documentation that shows what the CBD product contain and if they are safe to use. Lab reports are a good way to know what type of item you are paying for.

    Cytochromes And Enzymes

    Cytochromes are one of the prominent brain structures in every living thing. They perform the task of oxidizing and expelling waste products once they are bodily processed. Generally, this prevents waste build-up and keeps your brain working properly. Guttman et.al (2019) stated that the cytochrome associated with drug interactions is p4503A4. It works by sending out electrical signals through your brain, which trigger the production of enzymes. CBD targets this type of cytochrome, helping slow the production of enzymes and allowing your brains to create hormones for longer periods.

    How Some Medications Interact with Cytochromes

    Medication does not trigger the production of your chemical. Generally, if the cannabinoid instructs the brain to keep producing endocannabinoids as it holds up the production of enzymes. As a bonus, enzymes clean up the waste of cell growth. Medications like blood thinners weaken enzymes that keep the blood from clotting. It weakens cytochromes to take control of the bodily process. Breijyeh et al. (2021)state that when using CBD, CYP3A4 is weakened so that the body system can produce the desired chemicals. However, when blood thinner is not working properly, those taking them are at a higher health risk. To sum things up, if your medication excludes any food, one should ask their doctor before using it to avoid any adverse health issues.

    Topicals As a Safer CBD Product

    Failing et al. (2021) explained that topical CBD may not pose the same danger as the CBD ingested via vaping or oil tinctures. Generally, the endocannabinoid system goes thoroughly to your entire body containing receptors in nearly all of your organs. The biggest organ in support of topicals is the skin. When applied to the skin, the endocannabinoid system is triggered and produces hormones that provide relief for the pain. However, many people choose topicals because it does not pose the same health risk that another medication chooses. They also activate the skin endocannabinoid receptors and provide a safer way to relieve pain without threatening addiction.

     Should You Take a CBD Topicals

    The best answer comes from the doctor about blood thinners and CBD topicals. CBD doesn’t have the required research to make a blanket statement about how it works. Many people deal with chronic pains, and some describe their experience taking CBD with blood thinners. Some CBD topicals are likely to work with higher efficacy.


    It's a little difficult to know which CBD topicals will work as they are intended. Make sure you get a product that was made with health in mind. CBD oil may be a good and a faster way to reveal inflammation and joint pain, but it has some risk of bad interaction when mixed with blood-thinning medication. Before using any medication, it's safe to know if it could cause problems. However, you should consult a physician to recommend a blood test to ensure your body won't suffer an adverse reaction. As a bonus, if your medicine refers to grapefruit, you should converse with your primary care physician about taking CBD topicals.  


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