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If you want to include CBD night cream in your routine, but you have questions like; what should you apply before CBD night cream? Figuring out where to start to maintain the right routine for your skin can be difficult. To get the most goodies and benefits from your CBD night cream, you should use the right skin products before and after applying it. It was consulted by a top dermatologist to find true advice on how to make a CBD night cream a successful skincare regimen. You can be sure to gain realistic and genuine tips to make your CBD night cream effective.

Ways To Make Your CBD Night Cream More Effective

Apply To A Damp Skin

A damp skin quickly absorbs any product that comes it's way. Pay attention; it’s damp skin and not wet. This rule works with almost all products, including a CBD night cream. Cream (2020) explained that, when your skin is damp, it’s hydrated, and the CBD night cream will offer more hydration and seal it in. Most ingredients work more effectively when applied on slightly damp skin because they can trap moisture and fully sink to give your body adequate cannabidiol properties.

Apply In Order

The skincare routine follows the policy of first-come, first-serve. Whatever product goes on first, your skin absorbs it before others that come next. Start with the most active ingredients if you’re fighting off wrinkles, sun spots, zits, or any skin condition. McGregor et al. (2020) explained that one should start with CBD night cream because it’s the main product, then apply other skin care products you want. If you’re applying two different creams for different problems, apply one of them in the morning on bare skin and leave the CBD night cream for the night routine. This way, you’ll gain full efficacy from both products. Apply them according to density after all your skin treatments are in place. Begin with the thinnest to the thickest product.

Exfoliate First

Dermatologists explain that the surface of your epidermis, the dead cells, is a barrier to your skin products' effectiveness. You should remove them for your CBD night cream to sink in. You can use basic cleansers to free up your pores and remove dirt and oil. GUT (2019) exfoliating increases absorption of your CBD night cream as you’ll need acid or enzyme-based cleanser if you have acne-prone or sensitive skin. A buffing tool and scrubs can also help you cleanse your skin and make it clean to receive cannabidiol properties from your CBD night cream.

Warm Your Skin

Washing your skin with lukewarm instead of cold water will raise your skin’s temperature. Then, the blood vessels and pores will dilate to cool you down. The space between the cells increases the surface area for absorption, which helps your CBD night cream get in faster. Plus, a warm skin makes the ingredients in the skincare product move into the skin quickly and interact with the cells fully to provide good results.

Top It Off

Jackson et al. (2020) explained that one of the effective ways to maximize absorption of CBD night cream is to use heavy ointments that are occlusive to the top of the ingredients of the product. Thick creams and ointments with large amounts of natural oils, butter, waxes, and petrolatum are great occlusive agents that make night cream work more effectively on your skin. However, be moderate to avoid extreme impacts on your skin. Skip this tip if you have acne-prone skin.

Make It A Must-Have Night Routine

CBD night cream is a skin superhero that works best when used at night because its prescription can be affected and weakened in the sun. Another realistic advantage of taking CBD cream in the evening instead of during the day is that skin temperature rises when we sleep because more blood is directed to the skin, far from internal organs. With greater blood vessel dilation and warmth, there is better penetration of the CBD. Though it’s not a big difference, the skin absorbs more overnight. This rule pertains to any ingredient you will apply to the skin before bed, not just CBD night cream.

Consider Serums

If you want maximum benefits from a fragrance, you will buy the perfume and not the scented body wash. Likewise, you will get the most active and strongest dose of ingredients in serums and not cleansers. A serum completely and quickly penetrates the skin and remains unaffected by creams that may make it difficult to move through it. Singer et al. (2020) explained that CBD night cream will moisturize your skin and provide other CBD benefits. But when used with serum, there will be increased skin hydration, and you will receive better results.

Combine Them Right

Some skincare products make a power couple. Combining CBD night cream with the right products will provide full protection against any skin condition, and it’ll be easier to achieve your skin goals. Many antioxidants complement night creams. They maximize your skin’s ability to protect itself and allow the CBD night cream to work better in your body. Ensure you buy skincare products that fit your skin type and combine with your night cream. You’ll notice they release skin benefits in different ways, enhance bacteria-killing abilities of your skin, and overall make your skin healthier, younger, and strong. Products you can combine with your CBD night cream routine;

  • Cleansers
  • Toner
  • Serum
  • Eye cream
  • Moisturizer
  • Sunscreen

How Much CBD Night Cream Should You Apply?

Tijani et al. (2021) explained that CBD night creams are formulated with strong ingredients that improve your skin’s health. A small amount will do as applying too much of this product can damage your skin by leaving you with breakouts, and clogged pores like any other heavy cream will do.


A skin product can only work to its full potential if you apply it correctly. It doesn’t matter how amazing it is. Similarly, a CBD night cream will only provide satisfying outcomes if you use it appropriately. What you apply before or after your CBD night cream determines whether you’ll achieve your skin goals or not. You may fail to get most of your night cream regimen if you don’t use the right ingredients. To receive great performance of your CBD night cream, follow the tips highlighted in this article.


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