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  • August 20, 2022 5 min read


    Skin maintenance is something that nearly everyone wishes to do to have a unique glow. However, most of the skin products are disappointing. Some even make your skin appear worse than before due to chemical reactions. So, what do you do to keep your face smooth and healthy at all times? CBD is among the best solutions you can use to keep your face smooth and healthy with minimal risks. It is an organic element found in the hemp plant and hemp-based manufacturers are targeting to provide a more natural solution. There are CBD face masks that would work best in keeping your face moist and healthy at all times. But when should you wear a CBD face mask?

    What Is CBD?

    Before you understand when it’s the time to wear a CBD face mask, you need insight into what CBD is. CBD is an organic element obtained from organic hemp or cannabis sativa. It is infused in various products including tinctures, capsules, vapes, topicals, and face masks. One of the latest developments on CBD is on skin issues. Peyravian et al. (2022) noted that CBD has various properties, such as anti-inflammatory to maintain your skin’s health.

    Besides CBD, there are other elements found in the hemp plant which might be working together to provide maximum benefits. The elements have also been involved in various clinical trials on their impact on the skin. They include terpenes, flavonoids, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). According to Wadood et al. (2013), terpenes and flavonoids have unique properties, such as anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, suitable for protecting your skin against infections.

    THC in CBD has resulted in various opinions regarding its effectiveness. Unlike other elements of such as CBD, terpenes, and flavonoids, Hubbard et al. (1999) associated THC with psychoactive side effects. A different opinion suggests that THC is useful to users’ general health and well-being due to its anti-inflammatory properties. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, THC levels (0.3%) found in the hemp plant are insignificant to result in psychoactive effects including getting “high” and anxious. However, before buying a face mask, pay attention to the THC levels and confirm it is manufactured from an organic hemp plant before putting it on your face. Now let’s find out when you need a CBD face mask.

    When should I Wear A CBD Face Mask?

    Although you can use a CBD face mask at any time, you need to regulate its usage. Include it once or twice in your weekly skin maintenance routine. Here are some of the reasons you should use a CBD face mask.

    For Keeping the Skin Moisturized

    For your skin to glow and have that youthful appearance always wish for, then hydration is important. Wrinkles and lines on your face are likely to be caused by skin dryness. Dehydrated skin produces more oils for moisture compensation resulting in acne. CBD face mask is a better alternative for keeping your skin hydrated.

    Stella et al. (2019) noted that wearing an organic CBD face mask seals the pores around your face reducing loss of water and allowing penetration of natural elements of the hemp plant such as CBD to enter your skin. Also, the face mask allows moisture to enter the skin. The ingredients in the CBD face mask are carefully selected to ensure they are beneficial and provide a safe and nourishing skincare routine.

     As individuals age, the skin reduces the tendency of maintaining moisture, and the ability to maintain blood circulation and production of collagen diminishes significantly. CBD face masks are manufactured with useful ingredients including Centella Asiatica extracts to address such issues.


    It might be difficult to seat and relax with pimples all over your face since they will keep you disturbed. Acne can also be disturbing during your relaxing moments that you can’t wait to deal with. Each CBD mask is easy to use and can give you relaxation and self-care moments that you won’t regret. However, before enhancing this sensation, wash your face thoroughly, allow it to dry, and apply the full-spectrum CBD face mask with selective ingredients suitable for keeping your skin supple. This should take about 30 minutes. During this period, you can engage in other activities including watching TV, reading a book, or using your phone.

    Regulation of Sebum Production

    Acne is a common problem for individuals. For total comfort, the body has to produce a balanced amount of sebum oil. Too much sebum makes the skin have acne, whereas too little sebum leads to skin sensitivity and dryness. The face contains the highest number of sebaceous glands, and a slight increase or decrease of sebum oil makes it affected the most. You don’t need to worry anymore. According to Oláh et al. (2014), CBD aids in suppressing excess production of sebum oil protecting your face from acne and breakouts.

    Removal of Toxins

    The application of CBD topically is commonly attributed to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. According to Evans (2020), a CBD face mask will help remove or flush out the toxins in your facial pores. Besides, the antioxidant properties help in counteracting UV radiation effects and keep the skin free from radicals. This enhances cell regeneration, lowering early aging.


    The facial skin is sensitive and you wouldn’t wish to interfere with it. Its health gives you confidence while interacting with others and provides a comfortable environment. So, which skin routine do you use for a healthy face? CBD is one of the best options due to the outlined benefits. You can use a CBD face mask when you wish to clear the pores, reduce the impact of UV rays, for relations and keep the skin moisturized. However, a full-spectrum CBD face mask has some effects. Some of the possible effects include feeling dizzy and anxious. Therefore, sustainable potency levels should be factored in to minimize the possible negative outcomes.



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