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  • August 19, 2022 5 min read


    Where exactly is CBD eye cream meant to be applied? Can CBD eye cream be applied anywhere apart from the area around your eyes? Find out everything you need to know about the application of CBD eye cream in this article.

    CBD eye cream is meant to be applied on the skin around your eyes though some people use it on the rest of their face. According to Neill (2012), eye creams are expensive compared to regular face creams. However, the products you use on the rest of your face are not meant for the eye area. Using CBD eye cream on your eye area is important for warding off potential irritation of that delicate skin and ensuring you get the best anti-aging, hydrating results. That said, you might want to know how to apply CBD eye cream and where not to apply it. Here's a helpful breakdown of how to use CBD eye cream.

    Wash Your Hands

    Evans (2020) explained that the best way to apply CBD topical is with your fingers, so always wash your hands first. The last thing you want is to introduce germs around your eyes. Your skin should be carefully washed as well. This will ensure that active ingredients in the CBD eye cream can penetrate and aren't impeded by dirt, oil, or other products.

    Use the Right Amount of CBD Eye Cream

    A pump of CBD eye cream per eye may not seem enough, but remember that eye creams are usually concentrated. CBD eye creams are much more hydrated than other skincare products because the delicate skin around your eyes needs more moisture.

    Apply CBD Eye Cream Correctly

    Dab CBD eye cream onto the back of your hand, and then dip a finger into the eye cream. Use that to make a semi-circle of dots. Start below the inner part of your eyebrow and move sideways and upward along the orbital bone surrounding your eye. Tap the eye cream gently into the skin. Applying CBD eye cream with your finger is recommended because it provides the least pressure on the skin. Avoid rubbing in the CBD eye cream, as it can irritate the fragile eye area and exacerbate the issues you're already dealing with. For instance, overzealous rubbing can cause broken blood vessels that can make discoloration look worse and end up causing more puffiness.

    Apply CBD Eye Cream in the Appropriate Spots

    According to CA (2018), CBD eye cream is formulated to be used underneath and around the eye. Use the orbital bone as a guide as a general rule of thumb. Start applying CBD eye cream in your under-eye area's inner or outer corner, right on top of the bone. Gradually work your way across the under-eye area and gently tap the cream upward toward the eye. Make sure you stop a few millimeters underneath your lower lash line. The CBD eye cream will naturally spread as you open and close your eyes. Therefore, leave some space under the lashes to prevent them from making their way into your eye.

    Continue tapping in the CBD eye cream, moving onward and upward along the orbital bone just under your eyebrow. Be gentle and stop a few millimeters above the lashes. If you find insufficient space between your upper eyelid and your orbital bone beneath your eyebrow, you can stop at the outer edges of your eye to avoid eye contact with the CBD eye cream.

    Know When To Use CBD Eye Cream

    CBD eye cream is meant to be used in the morning and at night and is most effective when applied appropriately and consistently. If you want to apply the cream once a day, do so at night. The skin naturally goes into a reparative and regenerative mode at night, making it the best time to give it an extra boost with the anti-aging ingredients it possesses.

    In Which Order Do You Apply Eye Cream?

    An easy way to determine the correct order for your skincare product is to start with the most fluid or lightweight products and work up to the heaviest texture. With that in mind, CBD eye cream should be applied after serum and before moisturizer.

    Why Use CBD Eye Cream?

    You might think using your regular facial moisturizer on your eye area is sufficient. Since it hydrates your skin and may even contain an anti-aging formula, it should be enough for your eyes. However, that's not quite the case.

    Ameri et al. (2018) explained that the skin around your eyes is thin and delicate, which means it can dry out more quickly than the skin on the rest of your face. It's also more prone to external factors like wind and sun. Being quite delicate, you want a product that is easy to apply and moves nicely across the skin, giving a massaging effect before absorbing. The massaging effect helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

    CBD eye cream is ideal for your eye area because it's developed for the spot and is designed to address your specific skin concerns.

    What Not To Do When Applying CBD Eye Cream

    There are a few don'ts when it comes to how to apply CBD eye cream. They include:

    • Don't let the eye cream get close to your eye. Don't put it on your eyelids or lashes, as it can easily get into your eye and cause irritation.
    • Don't pull at your skin. If you are harsh and rub the skin instead of gently dabbing, tapping, or massaging, your skin may stretch. Since the eye area is so delicate, that stretch may lead to skin irritation or wear and tear.
    • Don't forget to apply reasonable amounts. Don't put on more than a pea-sized amount, as it can also irritate you, and you can easily reach the opposite effect if you go overboard.


    CBD eye cream is supposed to be applied on the skin around your eyes, but there is no harm in applying it on your entire face. However, it may be a bit expensive compared to other face creams. Using a CBD eye cream helps reduce irritation of the delicate skin around your eyes and ensures you get the best anti-aging results.


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