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  • August 29, 2022 5 min read

    Which Ingredients are Used In Cbd Face Scrub?

    Face scrubs are one of the skincare products that are commonly used. It exfoliates the skin to remove dirt and dead cells, allowing the turnover process to occur.

    Exfoliation can be achieved using either physical or chemical forms such as beta hydroxy to dissolve the dead skin cells. Face scrubs are essential for the skin, although most people tend to skip them since they are not sure of the impact on the skin. Many people use face scrubs worldwide to maintain their youthful, glowing skin. Since the legalization of the cannabidiol CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol, THC of less than 0.3%, CBD has made its way to the market by being infused in most skin care products. This is due to the linked health benefits such as treating acne and psoriasis. This article highlights ingredients used in CBD face scrubs.

    What is CBD

     Cannabidiol CBD is an active compound extracted from a hemp or cannabis plant. CBD is associated with many health benefits and therefore is used for anti-seizure medication. CBD is separated from other compounds, including THC, and therefore although it is a chemical found in marijuana, it alters the user's mental state. According to Watt & Karl (2017), THC has a psychoactive property that gives the user a high feeling. The two are extracted from the same plant but do not have the same effect. CBD is sold as vaporized liquids and capsules; however, in the market today, it is infused in skincare products, drinks, and food.

     What is CBD Face Scrub?

    CBD face scrub is not different from regular exfoliants; they all serve the same purpose, which is to remove the accumulated dirt and dead cells from the skin. CBD scrubs are designed for the face and the body. The difference between the CBD face scrub and the regular ones is that it has infused cannabidiol, a compound derived from the hemp or cannabis plant. When CBD is mixed with other products for the skin tends to work together for the magic results for the skin. Many CBD face scrubs can be used, for example, CBD   honey face scrubs. When you use such a product, you will benefit from honey, a natural ingredient for skin care products, and the CBD health benefits such as anti-inflammatory and antifungal effects.

     The Importance of Using Face Scrubs

    Unclog the Skin Pores

    During your daily activities, the skin tends to interact with many things from the external and internal environment, which might damage the skin when not taken care of. The skin produces sebum, the natural oil. The oil is important and helps the skin from drying; however, excessive sebum production might clog the pores leading to increased breakouts. Exfoliating the skin at least twice or once a week is encouraged. Skin exfoliations help unclog the blocked pores giving the skin a new look.

    It Improves Skin Tone and Texture

    Face scrubbing helps remove the build-up of dirt and oils, allowing the turnover process to take place, revealing new healthy and bright skin. Also, gently exfoliating the skin will result in your desired smooth and glowing skin. According to Yunus (2015), CBD can detoxify the skin and the body, and thus with an additional ingredient in the face scrub, it helps the skin by removing the toxins.

     Helps the Skin to Absorb Care Faster

     The dead skin makes the skin dull and tired and makes it a barrier for the skin to interact with the products such as sebum and moisturizer. According to Stella et al.( 2019),  CBD is used in most skin care products since it can hydrate the skin. Therefore, although you will be exfoliating the skin, the cannabinoid will help it remain hydrated. For the skin to absorb the care well for better results, exfoliating it is best since the dirt and dead cells covering the skin will be removed.

     Helps to Fade Spots and Scars

     Exfoliating allows the breakdown and removal of dead cells allowing the skin to regenerate new cells, nourishing them. This also helps fade the spots and scars, smoothening the skin's texture and making it uniform.

     Makes the Skin Look Firm

     Many reasons can make the skin look dull and tired apart from the dirt and clogged pores. Due to aging, the skin can be loose; when you exfoliate the skin by applying the product and gently massaging it, it makes the skin firm. Also, people have puffed skin due to being tired or not feeling well. Puffiness is the appearance of fluids underneath the skin. Massaging the face scrub reduces puffiness making the skin glow and healthy.

    Reduces the Appearance of Aging Signs

    The skin regenerates every 25 to 30 days, but when you get older, this process tends to change and slow down, and that is when your skin needs a boost for it to work well. Face scrubbing mimics this process a thus rejuvenates the skin giving it a new look, thus showing the lesser appearance of wrinkles. According to Wang et al. (2022), CBD has an antiaging property and thus can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines that come with advancement in age.

     What to Look for in Face Scrub

     The skin differs from person to person; therefore, when purchasing skin care products, considering your skin type is essential. Different skin types include dry, sensitive, normal, and oily skin.

    Oily Skin

     Skin products with salicylic acid can work best for people with oily skin because of their ability to fight acne. Also, they should avoid products that can clog pores, such as coconut oil, to prevent breakouts

    Normal Skin

     when you have normal skin, it does not mean you can use any product on your face or exfoliate more than twice a week. Face scrubs with methyl lactate and cucumber extracts can benefit the skin more. Additionally, you can energize the skin by using products with vitamin B3.

    Dry Skin

     If your skin is dry, you can reduce the number of exfoliations to once a week because when face scrubs are used more often, it will make the skin drier. Immediately after exfoliation, use enough moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated.

     Sensitive Skin

     The most common ingredient that can work well for people with sensitive skin is the Willow bark extract skincare products because of their antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties on the skin; therefore, it is good since it can fight acne. When choosing a product for your face, you should consider having the ingredient.


     Over-exfoliation of the skin can damage it; therefore, it is advisable to use face scrubs at least once or twice a week. Both men and women can do exfoliating since they all have dead skin, which should be removed to make the skin glow and look healthy. Lately, people can scrub their face even daily since face scrub creams are soft and thus gentle to the skin and can do less harm. It should be noted that there is a difference between body scrubs and face scrubs; therefore, do not use a body scrub on the face since it will damage delicate and sensitive skin.


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