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  • August 24, 2022 5 min read


    Body butter and creams are skincare products infused with CBD. However, body butter is thick and has a consistency resembling the edible butter, while the cream is thin, implying that its consistency is lighter. For this reason, creams provide an easier method to administer skincare products than body butter. Slide here to understand which is better between them.

    Cannabidiol body butter is a thick compound with a consistency that resembles edible butter. However, creams are thinner than CBD body butter. The skincare and cosmetic industry are flooded with different items to boost your skin health and wellness. Currently, CBD is integrated into this aspect for its several benefits. CBD is derived from the cannabis plant and comes in a wide product range. For instance, manufacturers produce cannabidiol cream and body butter. Most individuals search for high-quality skincare products that address their health goals. Unfortunately, some customers cannot understand the superior product between CBD creams and body butter. Here is everything you need to know.

    What is CBD body butter?

    Cannabidiol body butter is a thick skincare product with a consistency resembling edible butter. Additionally, the compound lasts longer and contains the strongest fragrance than creams. The CBD body butter merchandise is produced by combining essential butter and carrier oils without including water. Butters are minerals and essential fats sourced from natural constituents like mango, cocoa, shea, and palm. Carrier oils are compounds utilized to deliver and hold important ingredients into your skin. Every butter differs in its outstanding absorbency, rigidity, and texture. These ingredients (butter and carrier oils) are blended, often with particular components (the secret mechanism for each brand) to design body butter products. According to Dureja et al. (2005), body butter is administered to preserve moisture, nourish, and lubricate your skin. Certain dermatologists and spas propose that individuals utilize body butter on their feet, legs, elbows, hands, and lips. Some amounts absorb into your skin faster, whereas others might retain a moderate oily barricade based on formulation and skin type.

    What is CBD Cream?

    Cannabidiol creams are thinner than CBD body butter and are often whipped. Usually, creams have similar ingredients to butter but water-dependent constituents, including herbal, hydrosol, or aloe infusion. Sometimes, manufacturers incorporate wax-like beeswax and certain milk thickener variety such as xanthan gum or emulsifiers, including borax. Creams might contain solid fats or butter in them, although not compulsory.

    How is body butter essential for your skin?

    There are multiple methods to utilize body butter to maximize the skin’s health. They include the following:

    Basic tips

    Leave certain amounts of butter on the skin, and do not massage it in wholly to develop a protective and soothing barrier. Jerie (2016) advised considering infected regions like hands, feet, ankles, elbows, and knees when administering CBD body butter. These areas benefit from keen attention since they are susceptible to dryness. To administer this skincare product, put a considerable scoop straight on the skin and rub it into your skin moderately using firm and broad strokes until it gets absorbed, although a thin deposit remains. 

    Body Butter vs. Creams

    Mohiuddin (2019) revealed that body creams, butter, and linked topical products maintain the skin healthy, hydrated, and soft with inherent ingredients, and are unique. Fundamentally, various skin types require unique products since numerous options are available in the marketplace.

    Heavy vs. Light

    Specifically, cannabidiol creams contain a non-greasy texture and absorb into the skin faster than body butter because of their lightness. This skincare product is excellent for individuals with moderately dry skin since the cream is an emulsion of oils and water combination, not fats solely. Creams are perfect for people who require lighter moisture, particularly on hands with severe dryness. In addition, this product is more hydrating and non-sticky since it contains higher water content. This explains why people should apply butter immediately after showering. Furthermore, creams spread faster, although they have lesser fatty compounds since their water content is greater. Creams are non-comedogenic, meaning that people can utilize them anytime because they cannot block pores. Hon et al. (2015) showed that body butter contains a more significant texture than creams and has a heavier but moderately balm-like texture. In addition, the product does not incorporate an initial moisture boost from water. Rather, it establishes a defensive impedance and preserves the content already existing. Body buttes are excellent for dry skin individuals, particularly those who inhabit desert weather and arid regions, who consume dry patches on their legs, knees, elbows, feet, and hands.

    Which is Better, Body Butter and Creams?

    Choosing the excellent cream or butter is zeroed in on the customer's personal preference. The market is flooded with various options, research first before purchasing the appropriate product. In case individuals intend their creams or butter double like moisturizers, they should consider ingredients such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, and essential oils like lavender oil. Additionally, ensure all constituents are labeled to understand the exact product being purchased. Also, consider the product dosage while applying for maximum benefits. For instance, you require a higher CBD percentage when using cannabidiol for pain. Furthermore, an optimum of 0.3 percent tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) further offers an entourage effect.

    Explore Your Options

    Creams and body butter are appropriate for individuals dealing with skin conditions such as psoriasis and joint or muscle pain. Cannabidiol-enriched topical treatments are gentler and safer on the human body than over-the-counter drugs. They are manufactured with safe and tested ingredients that impact your body system positively.


    Cannabidiol body butter is a thick skincare product with a consistency resembling edible butter. They are produced by combining essential butter and carrier oils without including water. Cannabidiol body butter has a higher texture and lasts longer than creams. Cannabidiol creams have similar fundamental ingredients to butter but have water-dependent constituents, including herbal, hydrosol, or aloe infusion. Therefore, cannabidiol creams contain a non-greasy texture and absorb faster than body butter into the skin. Additionally, they are non-comedogenic, meaning they are utilized anytime since they cannot block body pores. However, CBD body butter establishes a defensive impedance and preserves the content already existing. Therefore, the choice depends on the customer.


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