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  • August 29, 2022 5 min read

    Why are Charcoal Face Scrubs Trending?

    There has been a change in the world of skincare products, and lately, charcoal face scrubs have been at the top. Among the skin care product routines that most people use are facewash, moisturizers, toner face masks, and face scrubs.

    Face masks are also called exfoliants, and they are used to remove the dead skin cells and dirt from the skin surface to allow the turnover process to take place. Turnover is the process of generating cells to take over the dead ones, giving you new, bright, and healthy skin. Exfoliation helps maintain radiant skin. Face scrubbing also increases blood circulation and collagen production, giving you awesome, soft skin. Charcoal face scrubs are products most people have embraced due to their benefits, such as deep exfoliation. Herein is detailed information about charcoal face scrubs and why they are trending.

    What are Charcoal Face Scrubs?

    Assadian et al. (2019) state that face scrubs are known for their deep exfoliation, cleansing, and detoxification abilities. This has made them a trend; just like other face scrubs, charcoal exfoliant helps to remove the dead skin and dirt from the skin. It also increases the blood circulation in the face and enhances collagen production, resulting in healthier and radiant skin. Therefore, adding charcoal face scrubs to your skincare routine can be good.

    How to Use Face Scrubs

    Know Where and When to Apply

    Scrubs can be used for the face or body; therefore, it is good to use the scrub where it is needed; do not use a body scrub on the face because it will damage the delicate and sensitive skin. According to Talpekar & Borikar (2016),  face scrubs can be synthetic or natural, and they are important since they help clean the skin, thus making it glow and maintaining a youthful look. It is advisable to use face scrubs at least twice a week; more than that could irritate the skin. Wash or dampen the skin before using the face scrub to prepare the skin for exfoliation.

    Dispense a Proper Amount

    Face scrubs differ in packaging depending on the brand that you prefer. Put the correct amount on the palm and gently spread the product by rubbing the hands together for even application.

    Gently Apply the Face Scrub to the Face

    With the product evenly spread on your palm, apply it gently on the face using slight but enough force and rub it in a circular motion. Avoid parts around the eyes.

    Thoroughly Rinse it Off

    When using the face scrub, thoroughly rinse the product off the face using warm water.

    Dry the Skin

    Use a clean cloth or face towel to pat dry the face and apply enough moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated.

     Importance of Using Face Scrubs

    Using Face Scrubs Helps Fade Scars and Spots

    When dirt and dead cells cover the skin, they tend to clog the pores and thus can lead to breakouts. When you exfoliate the skin, the dirt and dead cells are broken down to allow the turnover process. This process gives the skin a smooth and fine texture and makes the skin uniform. In cases of any discoloration, scars and spots will start to fade away.

    Unclog the Pores

    According to Bhadra (2020), the skin produces the natural oil called sebum. It is important since it keeps the skin smooth and hydrated. However, when in excess, it can clog the pores causing inflammation. According to Draelos et al. (2005), face masks help hydrate the skin, making it appear more youthful and nourished. Gentle exfoliation removes the dirt and the clogged oil, giving the skin a new look.

    It Improves Skin Tone and Texture

    The skin looks dull, tired, and dry due to the build-up of dirt and oil. Face scrubs help exfoliate the skin off the dead cells and remove dirt from the skin surface, refreshing it and giving it a youthful look.

    Helps in Firming the Skin

    Due to the daily activities that most people partake in, they tend to get tired. When you are tired, it may cause puffiness in the skin. Puffiness is the build-up of fluids underneath the skin and can also be caused by feeling unwell. Due to aging, the skin tends to sag; when you apply the face scrub and gently apply it in a circular motion, it helps the skin to be firm.

    Reduces the Appearance of Aging Signs

    The skin regenerates new cells every 25 to 30 days, but this process tends to change and slow down when you age. This is the time when your skin needs a boost for it to work well. Face scrubbing mimics this process, thus rejuvenating the skin and giving it a new look. This lessens the appearance of wrinkles.

    How to Choose a Face Scrub for Your Skin Type

    Face scrubbing is one way you can treat your skin for a young and youthful look. People have different skin types, making it so personal when looking for a product for your skin.

    Oily Skin

    The best face scrubs for people with oily skin would be the one that comes with fruit or flower extract, such as pineapple and apricot. Also, face products with salicylic acid can be good for you because of their acne-fighting ability. Avoid using products that can clog the pores, such as coconut oil.

    Normal Skin

    Energize the skin by using face products with vitamin B3. Consider having menthyl lactate and cucumber extract in your face scrub for the best results. Additionally, do not exfoliate the skin more than twice a week since it still will irritate the skin. 

    Sensitive Skin

    People with sensitive skin should choose a face product with willow bark extract. The extract has antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, which will help fight acne.

    Dry Skin

    Dry skin does not need more exfoliation; instead, you can reduce the number of exfoliations to once a week. Look out for a face scrub with a creamy texture and moisturizing oil; this will help reduce the dryness.


    Taking care of your skin is your duty and is not hard. Scrub your face and make your skin look more energized and healthy by using exfoliants. Face scrubs can also be made with locally available materials at home, and you will still get the desired services. For example, you can make a baking soda face scrub. Moreover, choosing a product for your skin is personal; therefore, you cannot use what your friend uses because what works for them might not be for you since you have different skin types. You’re your skin type and choose a face scrub that suits your face. Consider purchasing charcoal face scrubs for smooth, healthy skin.


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