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  • August 29, 2022 5 min read

    Why CBD toner is the Secret to Healthy Glowing Skin

    Toning your skin with CBD toner will make your skin glow and look fresh. CBD oil is a component of marijuana or hemp. Read this article to know more about CBD, CBD toners, the types of CBD toners, the benefits of CBD toners, and the side effects of using a CBD toner.

    A CBD toner is meant to refresh your skin without stripping your skin of its natural oils. CBD toners also prepare your skin for moisturizers. Toning involves removing the grime, dirt, and impurities that are left after you have washed your face. The skin toners come infused with ingredients and when CBD is infused into a toner then it is a CBD toner. The CBD toner also restores the skin's pH level. The CBD toner will also improve skin tone. The CBD toner will be responsible for a radiant glow.

    What is CBD?

    CBD (cannabidiol) is a component found in marijuana and hemp. Grotenhermen & Russo (2002) explains the difference between hemp and marijuana. CBD and THC(tetrahydrocannabinol) are the main ingredients of marijuana and hemp. Hemp and marijuana are different based on the composition of THC, which is responsible for the psychoactive properties of marijuana. Hemp has less THC than CBD while marijuana has more THC than CBD. For that reason, CBD from hemp is more legally accepted in most countries than CBD from marijuana. Hemp CBD can not make the user euphoric.

    What is CBD toner?

    A toner is a substance that removes any traces of dirt that has been left on your skin after cleansing. A CBD toner contains CBD as an ingredient. If you tone your skin regularly, you may notice that it looks different than when you did not tone it because the toner checks the pH levels of the skin and tightens the pores. After some time, you will realize that your skin will look more radiant than it did. Toning the skin makes the skin absorb the moisturizer better than without a toner.

    The benefits of CBD toner

    You may feel as if the CBD toner is an unnecessary step in the beauty regime but it is important for the reasons below;

    Shrinks the pores

    Toning the skin removes any traces of impurities, make-up, and dirt thus making the pores seem smaller. When the pores are smaller, the skin looks smoother.

    As a layer of protection

    When the toner clears the skin the pores get smaller and that means that fewer impurities can get through the skin.

    Balances the pH

    Our skin’s pH balance is naturally acidic and when we wash and cleanse it the pH balance is disrupted.  Applying the toner will help in restoring the pH balance of the skin hence making it glow and seem healthy.

    It is a moisturizer

    CBD has moisturizing abilities and that’s the reason why it is a useful component in nourishing hair. The CBD toner moisturizes and hydrates the skin hence restoring lost moisture from washing and cleansing.

    May treat acne

    Sometimes acne is caused by the overproduction of sebum. The body produces sebum so that we can have smooth and glowing skin but when sebum is overproduced the pores will block and hence there will be a breakout of acne. When the CBD toner unclogs the blocked pores, it also cures acne. The CBD toner will also relieve the user of inflammation and pain because CBD has anti-inflammatory and painkilling properties.

    Great for sensitive skin

    CBD skin-care products, including toners, have anti-inflammatory properties by targeting neurotransmitters that cause the inflammatory reactions and eventually subduing the pain that you may feel from the inflammation. The CBD toner reduces inflammation.

    Types of CBD toners

    CBD products are misunderstood as some people think that all CBD products are the same Brockway (2020). The following are the types of CBD products that you will encounter in the

    Isolate CBD oil

    Isolate CBD oil only contains CBD and does not contain the other components such as terpenes and fatty acids from the plant. The isolate CBD does not have a scent.

    Full Spectrum CBD oil

    Full-spectrum CBD ( also known as a whole plant extract) contains CBD and other components such as THC, fatty acids, and terpenes. The CBD oil may have psychoactive properties since it may have THC. It may also have a scent, because of the terpenes.

    Broad-spectrum CBD oil

    The broad spectrum includes all the components of the original plant except THC. It will therefore not have psychoactive properties.

    How to use a CBD toner

    Apply some toner on cotton and wipe it over your face. You may use the toner on your neck and chest too. You should use the toner after washing your face and before using a moisturizer. If you do not want to use a cotton pad you may use the palm of your hands and use them to spread the toner on your face. You may use a toner in the morning and the night but if it feels dry you may need to skip some days.

    How to choose a CBD skin toner

    The CBD toners are available online and in pharmacies so accessing them is not a task. But as there are many products in the market trying to pass off as genuine products you need to check out the labeling. Check the ingredients to see if the contents are good for you. However, beginners must check in with a doctor for advice on whether they can use toners because some prospective users may be on some medications which may react with CBD. A prospective user should also seek to know if their health status is compatible with CBD. Sometimes the CBD products come laced with impurities and therefore the user should consult the doctor for recommendations on the best place to buy genuine CBD products as stated by Evans, J. (2020).

    Side effects of using a CBD toner

    CBD products, including the CBD toner, may not have psychoactive effects on the users and are potentially safe so long as they have been purchased at the right place and used in the right dosage by a user who does not have any health issues that might worsen after CBD use or medications that may interact with CBD. However, you may experience some side effects from CBD for example, diarrhea, reduced appetite, dry mouth, fatigue, and drowsiness.


    CBD toners are meant to revitalize your skin and keep your pores clear. The CBD in CBD skin toners has inflammatory properties and may help reduce the triggers of eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. CBD toner can also soothe your skin. When purchasing the CBD toner, you may consider visiting your doctor for advice so that you do not make your skin worse. There are plenty of CBD skin toners on the market and purchasing the skin toners is easy because they are easily available online and at the pharmacies. Some have additives that may be dangerous for your skin.


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