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CBD bath bombs will work in cold water and fizz, but they will not be as effective as in warm water. The fizzing that adds excitement to the bath experience might be unnoticeable; the bath bomb will dissolve slowly, and other ingredients like salt and butter that depend on warm water will not work efficiently.

A cold bath is all you might need during the hot summer season, but it is not effective with CBD bath bombs that will work but not as effectively as in warm water. Of course, fizzing takes place in cold water, but it is rather slow and almost unnoticed since the baking soda, and citric acid in the bath bomb react but do so slowly. Besides, CBD bath bombs have many ingredients, including butter, essential oils, and salts, all depending on warm water to work effectively. Using cold water with the CBD bath bombs deny the additional ingredients to work as intended, and you also increase the chances of the oily ingredients in the bath bombs sticking to the bathtub and making it look messy. Here is all you need to know about CBD bath bombs working in cold water.

What’s the Deal with CBD Bath Bombs?

Bath bombs and CBD have long been used as bath products, but great things were made when the two were combined to create CBD bath bombs are a plus to a bath and a way to add luxury to it.

Did you know that CBD bath bombs are versatile products? When you use them with the bathtubs with warm water, you can enjoy a whole-body bath experience by soaking for 20- 30 minutes. Besides refreshing your whole body with CBD bath bombs, your feet can similarly benefit, especially if you need a localized bath. All you need to do is put the bath bomb in warm water in a basin and not a bathtub, after which you can soak your feet therein.

Will CBD Bath Bomb Work in Cold Water? How CBD Bath Bombs Work

One question that keeps popping up and we have always had to answer is whether CBD bath bombs also work in cold water. This is a common question since most online sources that describe how to use a CBD bath bomb often refer to warm and not cold water. Yes, CBD bath bombs can work in cold water, only that the experience will not be as exciting as in warm water. First, you need to understand how CBD bath bombs work.

What makes CBD bath bombs (and other bath bombs) is the fizzing action. The primary ingredients in the bath bomb, baking soda, and citric acid, react and form carbon (IV) oxide gas, which leaves in the fizzing action. Of course, the two ingredients can react in cold water to cause fizzing, only that the reaction is rather slow, and the fizzing action may go unnoticed. Do you want to soak in the bathwater with CBD bath bomb but no fizzing? You can choose.

Warm Water Adds Energy to the Ingredients for Better Dissolution and Fizzing

If CBD bath bombs can work in cold water, why then do you need to use them with warm water? Heat adds energy to the ingredients, making them react better. Water sets baking soda and citric acid into a reaction to cause fizzing, but when the water molecules are warm, they allow the molecules in the ingredients to bump and crash into each other faster and more randomly, causing great fizzing. Besides, the CBD bath bomb can only fizz after dissolving, and here again, heat energy is key. The warmer the water, the faster the CBD bath bomb dissolves. What happens if you use CBD bath bombs with cold water?

Cold Water Does Not Let You Explore the Benefits of Aromatherapy

According to Djilani & Dicko (2012), essential oils are medicinal and therapeutic, and many opt for CBD bath bombs to tap into such a therapy. Companies tap on the benefits of essential oils by featuring oils that focus on aromatherapy, which, according to Dave & Yadav (2013), is great for relieving stress. Bradbury (2021) shared an article in InStyle on the benefits of CBD bath bombs and showers and commented that it helps her manage sinuses and hay fever. Does cold water allow you to benefit from the aromatherapeutic aspects of CBD bath bombs? Not so much, especially because some oils need heat to be effective.

The Butter in the CBD Bath Bombs May Not Work Effectively with Cold Water

Besides the three primary ingredients mentioned earlier, CBD bath bombs have additional ingredients, including butter. How does butter respond to cold water? If you read the CBD bath bomb's ingredient list and realize that butter is one of the components, don't waste the bath bomb on cold water. The butter needs warm water to dissolve, so cold water leaves it sticking to the walls of the bathtub.

Salts in the CBD Bath Bombs Need Warm Water

CBD bath bombs may have salts, including Epsom salt. If your bath bomb has salts, cold water is certainly not an option. Salts need water to dissolve, and using them in cold water makes the bathwater prickly. This leads to exfoliation. Meanwhile, warm water allows the salts to completely dissolve alongside other ingredients for you to benefit from them. Watt & Karl (2017) found CBD therapeutic; maximize this therapy using warm water.


CBD bath bombs will work with cold water since baking soda and citric acid will still react in cold water to cause fizzing. Still, the fizzing is less intense and may go unnoticed in cold water, so many people think that CBD bath bombs don’t work in cold water. Still, additional ingredients like butter, essential oils, and salts that add to the benefits of CBD bath bombs may not effectively work in cold water, leading to wastage.


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