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  • August 18, 2022 4 min read


    Most CBD enthusiasts wonder if CBD oil expires. It is daring to purchase a premium quality cannabidiol oil without understanding its expiry date. Herein is everything you need to know about CBD oil’s expiry, including the factors affecting its shelf life and how to know if your CBD oil is expired.

    Like other supplements, understanding the cannabidiol (CBD) oil’s expiry date is paramount. All products have different expiry dates. CBD oil is extracted from cannabis or hemp plants containing the legal 0.3 % limit. A single premium quality cannabidiol oil bottle is expensive, especially for regular consumers. Some people who are afraid of losing money are curious to understand the shelf life of this product. Consumers who utilize a few drops daily take a long period before exhausting the entire bottle. So, does CBD Oil Drops expire

    Does CBD Oil Expire?

    Like most plant-based products, cannabidiol oil has an expiry date. Initially, it starts by losing potency because its cannabinoid contents begin degrading because of time elongation. After that, the product goes bad and can cause negative body effects when consumed. Although CBD oil has long storage life, the shelf life depends on the ingredients, storage nature, extraction method, and quality.

    What is the Storage Life for CBD Oil?

    Experts report that cannabidiol oil lasts between 14 to 24 months, depending on storage quality. Exposure to excess heat and direct sunlight are the main factors that make CD oil lose its strength and spoil before its expiration. Premium quality products have a longer shelf life, particularly those without extra ingredients besides carrier oil and hemp extract. In addition, pure cannabidiol oil has longer storage life than its spiced varieties. This is because the incorporated ingredients have a different storage life that might be shorter than CBD. The extraction technique is another key aspect affecting CBD Oil Drops’s expiry. Some methods, like CO2 extraction, offer greater cannabinoid stability than their counterparts. Any cannabidiol product, whether bargain-priced or premium ones, should have labels indicating their expiry dates. The Food and Drug Administration has stipulated this requirement as a law to protect consumers from products that don’t meet the safety regulations.

    Factors Determining the CBD Oil Storage Life


    Cannabidiol is presently unregulated, implying there exist unscrupulous brands trying to market poor quality cannabidiol oil. These brands sometimes label their premium without providing independent third-party laboratory testing to validate their claims. Therefore, consumers are advised to purchase CBD products from companies with a high reputation among CBD proponents. These brands utilize organic ingredients without incorporating doubtful components into their formulations. If you decide to buy CBD locally instead of online, purchase from authentic specialty stores or cannabis dispensaries. Some people reside in regions where cannabis is legalized for recreational purposes. Such individuals should purchase CBD products from local dispensaries because they must adhere to local guidelines regarding labeling and selling cannabis products.

    CBD Variety

    There are various CBD extracts, including isolates, broad and full spectrum. Full-spectrum cannabidiol has undergone minimal processing. However, it might lose potency over pure cannabidiol due to other plant ingredients like plant waxes and essential oils. The broad-spectrum form contains cannabis constituents except for THC, although it does not interfere with CBD Oil Drops expiry dates. Contrastingly, isolates are pure cannabidiol extracts. Theoretically, CBD isolate should have longer shelf life than other full-plant extracts.

    Other Ingredients

    The general Sublingual CBD Oil Drops content is important since each ingredient not sourced from hemp has its own storage life. This influences the longevity of cannabidiol products. Confirm the Analysis (COA) certificate and read the product's label regarding the expiry date before purchasing.

    Extraction Method

    Carbon dioxide extraction is the premium method in the CBD industry. It optimizes CBD production and other hemp compounds while maintaining their stability. This guarantees the longest cannabidiol oil storage life. The ethanol extraction method is an alternative if producers cannot access the equipment needed for carbon dioxide extraction. Products manufactured from hydrocarbon solvents, including propane, hexane, or butane, leave a harmful deposit if not eliminated appropriately. This might negatively interfere with the product's longevity.

    Hemp Quality

    Cannabis specialists classify hemp as a hyperaccumulator, implying that it absorbs all substances from its environment, including bad and good ones. If the soil is intoxicated with heavy metals and plants are sprayed with pesticides, these contaminants are absorbed and transferred into the end product. However, manufacturers can eliminate them from the product. Since the purification process requires greater temperatures, the cannabinoid profile is compromised. Organic hemp farmed in nutrient-rich and clean soil produces cannabidiol oils with the longest shelf life.

    Does CBD Oil Spoil?

    Cannabidiol oil loses its potency if kept for beyond two years or stored improperly. The potency loss implies that cannabinoids are degrading and cannot function at optimum levels in the human body. For instance, an older product means the consumer will experience the least anticipated effects. Potency loss is one aspect, but the product can spoil so that its quality is compromised, elevating risks.

    How to Determine Your Cannabidiol is Expired

    The Sublingual CBD Oil Drops flavor and aroma majorly indicate that your product is expired. Fresh cannabidiol oil has an earthy smell but changes into a skunky taste after spoiling. The taste might have bitterness, and its extracts show fluctuations. Also, the texture might become lumpier and thicker.


    CBD Tincture expires like other products, including milk, bread, or other oils. Consuming expired CBD Tincture increases the chances of risks. Therefore, consider the flavor, smell, color, and product texture signs. Cannabidiol oil loses potency with time, particularly when open to environmental aspects like air, light, and heat. For this reason, manufacturers recommend proper storage to improve the CBD Oil Tincture shelf life. Consumers should determine whether their product is expired by viewing the expiry dates. In addition, expired CBD Oil Tincture might turn cloudy, and its color varies with time. The CBD Oil Tincture shelf life ranges between 14 to 24 months before spoiling under good storage conditions.