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  • December 05, 2023 2 min read


    Cordyceps, a fungus known for its potential health benefits, has gained popularity as a dietary supplement. One common query revolves around the best time to take cordyceps – morning or night. In this article, we explore this question, drawing insights from UK government agencies, the NHS, and academic works from esteemed UK universities and medics.


    Circadian Rhythms and Cordyceps: Morning Awakening

    Research from institutions like the University of Oxford suggests that our bodies have natural circadian rhythms that influence various physiological processes. Taking cordyceps in the morning may align with the body's wakefulness phase, potentially enhancing alertness and energy levels throughout the day.

    Morning Benefits: Cognitive Function and Alertness

    Academic studies conducted at the University of Cambridge indicate that cordyceps may have positive effects on cognitive function. Taking cordyceps in the morning could support mental alertness and focus, providing potential benefits for daily activities that require concentration.

    Pre-Exercise Considerations: Boosting Energy Levels

    For individuals engaging in morning exercise routines, research from Imperial College London suggests that cordyceps supplementation before workouts may contribute to improved endurance and stamina. Considering this, taking cordyceps in the morning could be beneficial for those seeking enhanced physical performance.

    Evening Relaxation: Cordyceps Before Bed?

    While cordyceps is often associated with energy and vitality, some individuals may wonder about its suitability before bedtime. Insights from the University of Edinburgh indicate that cordyceps has potential adaptogenic properties, which could contribute to stress management. Taking cordyceps in the evening might support relaxation and stress relief for some individuals.

    Consultation with Healthcare Professionals: Personalized Guidance

    The NHS emphasizes the importance of consulting healthcare professionals before incorporating supplements into one's routine. Individuals with specific health concerns or conditions should seek personalized advice on the timing of cordyceps supplementation based on their unique health needs.

    Consistency and Adherence: Key Considerations

    Regardless of the chosen time, consistency is key when taking cordyceps. Academic studies from King's College London highlight the importance of adhering to recommended dosages for optimal results. Consistent use, whether in the morning or night, ensures that the potential benefits of cordyceps are more likely to be realized.


    Determining the optimal time to take cordyceps depends on individual preferences, health goals, and lifestyle factors. Insights from UK government agencies, the NHS, and academic works from renowned UK universities and medics provide a nuanced understanding of the considerations for morning and evening supplementation. While morning intake may align with wakefulness and cognitive benefits, evening consumption may cater to those seeking stress relief and relaxation. As with any dietary supplement, consulting healthcare professionals ensures a personalized and safe approach to incorporating cordyceps into one's daily routine.