Morgan Taylor

Gifted with Style Minis

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Morgan Taylor Gifted with Style Minis


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With these minis from Morgan Taylor, there is no denying that this season will be filled with cheer and sassy style. From sultry red creme and lush dark purple to blinding silvery shimmer, every shade will make your nails the life of any celebration occasion.


  • Ruby Two-Shoes - .17 oz
  • Im So Hot - .17 oz
  • Tinsel My Fancy - .17 oz
  • Gifted In Platinum - .17 oz


The Morgan Taylor Collection is the crème de la crème of the world's most exclusive nail lacquers, developed by professionals for you. The collection's unique spectrum is designed to remove all barriers to color expression. Morgan Taylor's creative palette knows no bounds, ranging from the classical to Avant-garde and from subtle to unconditionally spectacular. Morgan Taylor's boundary breaking lacquers are perfect for expressing every mood, attitude and personal style. Smooth, even, long-lasting color with a gorgeous professional finish.


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