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Project Runway

Year: 2004-

Release date: December 01, 2004

Number of seasons: 20

Runtime: 30 min

Rated: TV-PG

Lead Cast:

  • Nina Garcia
  • Tim Gunn
  • Heidi Klum

Awards: Won 2 Primetime Emmys. 6 wins & 97 nominations total

Streaming: Bravo

“Project Runway” is a popular American reality television series that focuses on fashion design. Here are some key details about the show:


Project Runway_main

Genre: Reality competition

Created By: Eli Holzman

Country of Origin: United States

Language: English


The show features aspiring fashion designers competing against each other to create the best clothes. They face a series of challenges and are restricted by time, materials, and themes. Their designs are judged by a panel of notable fashion experts, and one or more designers are eliminated each week until a final winner is chosen.

Hosts and Judges

Project Runway_judges

Original Host

Heidi Klum

Current Host

Karlie Kloss (as of the latest seasons)


Tim Gunn (original), Christian Siriano (current)


Michael Kors (original)

Nina Garcia

Zac Posen

Guest judges who are celebrities or fashion industry professionals


Project Runway_4


Designers face different challenges, such as creating garments from unconventional materials, designing for specific clients, or working in teams.

Runway Show

Project Runway_1

At the end of each challenge, designers present their creations in a runway show.


A panel of judges critiques the designs, and one or more designers are eliminated each episode.


The finalists present a full collection at New York Fashion Week, where the winner is determined.

Seasons and Spin-offs

Project Runway_2

Number of Seasons

19 (as of 2023)


Several spin-offs have been created, including “Project Runway: All Stars,” “Project Runway Junior,” and international versions.

Production and Reception

Production Companies

Magical Elves, Weinstein Company (formerly), and Lantern Entertainment


Bravo (original and current), Lifetime (2009-2017)

Critical Reception

The show has been praised for its entertainment value, creativity, and insight into the fashion industry. It has won several awards, including a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program.


“Project Runway” has had a significant impact on fashion and reality TV. It has launched the careers of many designers and has influenced the fashion industry and popular culture.

Notable Winners

  • Jay McCarroll (Season 1)
  • Chloe Dao (Season 2)
  • Christian Siriano (Season 4)
  • Leanne Marshall (Season 5)
  • Seth Aaron Henderson (Season 7)
  • Anya Ayoung-Chee (Season 9)
  • Dom Streater (Season 12)
  • Erin Robertson (Season 15)

Viewing Platforms

“Project Runway” can be watched on various streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and on the Bravo website or app for the latest seasons.

Project Runway_3

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Project Runway” about?

“Project Runway” is a reality television series that follows aspiring fashion designers as they compete to create the best clothes within a limited time frame, with various challenges and themes each episode.

Who are the main hosts and judges on “Project Runway”?

The original host was Heidi Klum, and the current host is Karlie Kloss. The original mentor was Tim Gunn, replaced by Christian Siriano. Judges include Nina Garcia, Michael Kors (original), and Zac Posen, along with various guest judges.

How many seasons of “Project Runway” are there?

As of 2023, there are 20 seasons of “Project Runway.”

Where can I watch “Project Runway”?

“Project Runway” is available for streaming on Bravo’s website and app, as well as on platforms like Amazon Prime Video and Hulu.

What kind of challenges do the designers face?

Designers face challenges that may include creating garments from unconventional materials, designing for specific clients or celebrities, and working in teams, among others.

What is the format of the show?

Each episode typically involves a design challenge, followed by a runway show where designs are judged. One or more designers are eliminated each week, leading to a final showdown where the finalists present a collection at New York Fashion Week.

Has “Project Runway” won any awards?

Yes, “Project Runway” has won 2 Primetime Emmy Awards and has received a total of 6 wins and 97 nominations.

Who are some notable winners of “Project Runway”?

Notable winners include Jay McCarroll (Season 1), Christian Siriano (Season 4), and Anya Ayoung-Chee (Season 9), among others.

Are there any spin-offs of “Project Runway”?

Yes, there are several spin-offs, including “Project Runway: All Stars,” “Project Runway Junior,” and various international versions of the show.

What impact has “Project Runway” had on fashion and television?

“Project Runway” has significantly influenced both the fashion industry and reality television. It has launched the careers of many designers and has become a cultural touchstone, inspiring numerous other fashion-related reality shows.


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