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OSiS+ Dust It is a mattifying powder that delivers volume and texture to create "second day hair".


Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS+ Dust It is a lightweight texturizing powder with a soft matte effect. Gives you adjustable control: the more you apply the more control. The perfect product to give your volume and texture, while giving you that "second day hair" feel.

Sprinkle a small amount of powder to palms and rub together. Rake through dry hair and lift into style to give a matte effect. For extra root volume, apply directly to the roots.

Pro tip: For a stronger matte look apply product into damp hair. Rake into shape and leave to dry.

  • Lightweight powder to texturize
  • Builds incredible root lift; like a back comb in a bottle
  • Absorbs excess oil while adding piecey texture and great control
  • Delivers a fuller effect to thinning or fine hair
  • Soft matte effect
  • Long lasting hold and texture

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9 reviews

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Expert Review

Jun 03, 2015

Tammy Hansen

The best volumizer for the whole day!

I love this!!!! Sprinkle a little on areas on scalp u want volume! Use your fingers or tease with a comb. Holds all day long! Great for up dos too!!!

Expert Review

Apr 16, 2015


BEST volume product in dry hair

Awesome to get a little added lift at the root. For extra big hair ladies, use before teasing to hold your tease ALL day. Also great for building volume and stability in a formal style.

Expert Review

Mar 29, 2015


backcombing with ease

Great for getting the lift in the crown without going through the trouble of teasing the hair. Can rework the hair all day and amazing next day hair.

Expert Review

Dec 22, 2014


Back combing in a bottle!

This product is great to create instant volume. I love it because it is great for a second day style. I use it to create lift at the roots and my guys who have fine hair love it. Use it on guys with fine hair to create fullness. Sprinkle it on and rub it in with your fingertips.

Expert Review

Sep 02, 2014


Back combing in a bottle!

If you want some additional volume without the damage of backcombing this is the product for you! It provides additional lift. It works really well when you shake a small amount at your roots and rub it in. Creates a lot of volume and texture to almost any style!

Jul 28, 2014


Like it, but a little confusing to use

This product worked well for me, but I was unsure how to use it at first. I found it works best when you pour on your hand first and then sprinkle along roots - rather than pouring directly on your head. Stays put until you wash it out and is a TSA friendly travel dry shampoo.

Jun 13, 2014


works like a charm!

I was quite skeptical about this product at first but everyone raved about how well it worked so I was excited to finally test it out. I just sprinkled it at my roots and tousled my hair with my fingers a bit and it worked like a charm infusing volume. If you have trouble getting volume from other products, I'd say it would be a good move to test this one out - The only thing you have to remember is that it is a mattifying powder so if you want the volume and shine, make sure you have a shine spray on hand to apply after!

May 05, 2014


kind of wild

I'm not much a long-routine for my hair kind of girl. But I'm trying new things as I grow out my bob. I have really thick hair that gets weighed down easily. This stuff is wild -- first I tried sprinkling directly on roots and then tried rubbing into fingers first. Both gave great volume but the fingers allowed more control.

Apr 24, 2014


Sky High Volume

OSiS Dust It gives me SKY HIGH volume. I've never used a product that works as well as Dust It. I'll use this product in the morning and my hair has all-day volume and style. Anyone can use and master their hair with Dust It.