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3 Gorgeous Natural Hairstyles To Try This Weekend

3 GORGEOUS NATURAL HAIRSTYLES TO TRY THIS WEEKENDThe weekend is always a nice reminder to kick back and relax from the long hard week we've all had. In light of the fun and relaxing two days ahead,  we've picked three hairstyles we love for the weekend and we're giving YOU the deets on how to recreate each one on your natural hair! Whether you're doing dinner with the family or throwing your own little shin-dig, these easy, elegant hairstyles will definitely fit into your weekend fun.

First things first: My curl pattern here was created from flat twists, but feel free to use any protective styling technique (braids, braid out, twists, bantu knots, etc) for these styles. If you're looking for extra smoothing try an oil like AG Hair The Oil to keep hair from frizzing.

Easy Updo

Natural Hair Tutorials by Samantha Harris

Natural Hair Tutorials by Samantha Harris

For those of us who prefer volume everywhere!

1. Pin up one side of your hair leaving a little hair out in the front.
2. Repeat on the other side.
3. Pin up the back.

Imperfect Ponytail

Natural Hair Tutorials by Samantha Harris

messy textured Natural Hair Tutorials by Samantha Harris


You can't really go wrong with a messy ponytail.

1. Part a large section off in the front for a bang.
2. Take the rest of your hair and put it into a low ponytail (off to the side).
3. Lift your bang by the tail and use a few hair pins to secure it off to the side.

Middle Part Low Ponytail

middle part low pony Natural Hair Tutorials by Samantha Harris

low pony Natural Hair Tutorials by Samantha Harris

Poofy hair is so cute! Low ponytails are definitely in right now and such a great choice for special occasions. Using bobby pinsi nstead of a hair tie makes it a different look than your regular low pony.

1. Use a comb to create a middle part and use several hair pins to secure one side.
2. Use more pins to secure the other side.
3. Pin any loose hair in the back down, so that it looks like this.

These are our faves. What are yours? And more importantly, which one of these 'dos will you be rocking this weekend?

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