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3 Retro Styles For Natural Hair (DIY)

It's no big surprise that I'm a fan of vintage style. I mean, who isn't? Especially when it comes to natural hair.

Since I'm always trying to expand on my options for natural hairstyles I thought it would be perfect to play around with retro looks! Try these three retro styles for natural hair with help from CHI.


Note: For these looks, I flat-twisted my hair the night before to add some texture and shape to my hair.


What I used to create these styles:

- Hair pins

- CHI Shine Infusion Spray

- Headscarf

- Hair tie


1. Rolled bang + Low bun


rolled bang


Rolled bang with low bun


1. Make a part in the front for a bang and put the rest of your hair into a low ponytail.

2. Begin rolling your bang.

3. Secure with a few hair pins.

4. This is how your finished bang should look.

5. For this step I have longer hair so I'm taking the hair tie out and only using pins for my bun. For shorter hair, omit this step and leave your hair in the low ponytail.

6. Twist your ponytail into a small bun.

7. Secure firmly with a few hair pins.

8. Tie a headscarf around your head and in the front, tie two knots. Finish with CHI Shine Spray!


2. The Wavy Bob


Wavy  Bob


The Wavy Bob

How cute is this bob? Our tutorial guru Hannah Shaner definitely inspired my love for this 'do.

1. Start with your hair down.

2. Grab one side of the hair with one hand.

3. Roll hair under and secure with a few hair pins.

4. Roll the back and secure with pins.

5. Grab the remaining hair on the other side, roll and pin.

6. With your bangs, you want to tuck the ends by your ear and secure with more hair pins. Finish with CHI Shine Infusion Spray!


3. The Bouffant


the bouffant


the bouffant tutorial

I've gone a little crazy for this style lately and I love it because it's so easy and also very elegant. Do not be discouraged if you have shorter hair, this style is quite flexible for various hair lengths.

1. Use a few hair pins to pin up your hair in the back.

2. Your sides should hang down like this.

3. Pin one side up, folding any stray hairs or loose ends and use extra pins to secure hair.

4. Repeat with the other side.

5. Pin the top of the bouffant.

6. At this point you can use extra hair pins to perfect the shape. Finish with CHI Shine Spray!


...And there you have it! Three new 'dos to add to your collection. 


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