3 Ways to Keep Your Hair Cool in the Heat

Ways to keep your hair cool in the summer

Keeping cool in the summer heat is definitely a priority for your body, but also for your hair. Here are three ways to keep your locks cool in the summer heat:

Style with Hair Gel- Hair gel is often water based, so you'll experience a cooling effect whenever it comes in contact with your hair.  Summer is also a time you may  want to use gel a little more generously, as humidity tends to effect the hold of hairstyles for those with naturally curly or wavy locks. So not only will you be keeping your hair in place, you'll be cooling it off, too!

 Moisturize Scalp- For those with sensitive scalps, extreme heat or cold can cause dandruff, irritation, or sores. Besides applying sunscreen to the parts of the scalp that are exposed, keeping the scalp moisturized with creme-based conditioners will keep your hair healthy and protected from the sun's rays.

Wash Frequently -  Whether you are at the beach swimming in the ocean, or on vacation climbing the highest mountains, the most important key to keeping your hair cool is frequent washes. Because of the weather, your hair may be accumulating more dirt and debris than usual. A shampoo and conditioner set like Tigi Bed Head Recharge Shampoo and Conditioner are great for the recovery of the daily wear and tear your hair might experience during the summer. This Bed Head shampoo and conditioner help "reset" your hair without stripping it of needed oils.

From everyone here and Loxa Beauty, have a safe, happy and stylish summer!

For the love of COOL Hair,

Martha XO

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