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Avoid These 4 Common Heating Tool Mistakes

We rely on our beloved blow dryers, flat irons and curling wands to achieve our favorite styles, but a few less than best heat styling practices could be harming your hair.  Read on to see if you're making these common heating tool mistakes and learn how to avoid them.



1) Turning up the heat-Turning the heat up to the max by default is not the best move for your hair. The following is a basic rule of thumb for ideal heat settings:

Fine or damaged hair: below 300

Medium hair: 300-380

Thick/Coarse hair: 350-400

Start with the lowest temperature and go higher if needed. Whenever possible opt for stylers with numeric temperature controls (not just low, mid, high) so that you can adjust accordingly for your hair type.


2) Not using heat protection-Not using a thermal protectant on your hair leaves strands more susceptible to heat damage. Before heat styling, reach for a protectant with multiple benefits like Chi Silk Infusion to maintain your hair’s general health, texture and elasticity.


use the right sized heating tool

3) Using the wrong size- When it comes to heat tools, bigger isn’t necessarily better. Bulky irons make it difficult to manipulate delicate areas like the hairline, increasing the risk of breakage and over heating.


dirty hair dryer

4) Using dirty tools- Product buildup and dust left on appliances is a recipe for uneven heating and drying. Wipe your irons with luke warm water or iron cleaner after using them to remove residue. While you'are at it, get the dust and dirt out of your hair dryer.

Using proper care and caution with your heat tools will give you the best results with minimal damage.

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