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4 Pretty Pastel Nail Colors to Wear This Summer

From 3D nails to minimalist manicures there's a nail trend and color to satisfy just about any taste level. In fact, we’ve been talking a lot about nails these days.

For the summer season,  I'd like to draw your attention to the allure of pretty pastel nail colors. Try these choice softer shades for a fresh nail look.

Morgan Taylor Candy Coated Coral

Sometimes a girl just wants a nail color that whispers instead of shouts or a color that’s subtle but still packs a little punch. Morgan Taylor’s Candy Coated Coral totally fits the bill.


Morgan Taylor Mint Chocolate Chip


Don’t discount the notice me quality of a powdery nail shade.  Mint Chocolate Chip by Morgan Taylor sets off a summer tan in a way that’s just as notable as any neon nail.


Morgan Taylor P.S. I Love You


If you’re anything like me you love intense polish colors, but they’ve been your go-to for several seasons now. This is the perfect time to try  Morgan Taylor's P.S. I Love You. The shade still feels like summer and gives you a nice alternative to super bright polishes.


Morgan Taylor I'm Charmed


In the mood for a more timeless nail? Give Morgan Taylor’s I’m Charmed a go. This barely there color is super easy to wear and there are no worries about clashing. Which means it will likely stand the test of time.
Check out these nail colors to find the right pastel hue for you.

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