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5 Creative Ways to Use Vaseline in Your Beauty Routine

Sure, we all know the old beauty pageant trick to rub Vaseline on your teeth to add shine to them, and also prevent lipstick from sticking to them, and I have tried it, and it does work, but …. I did not like the feeling of über-thick and greasy Vaseline all over my, lets face it, mother-of-pearly whites.  And we also all know that Vaseline is amazing at soothing anything dry: lips, feet, hands, you name it- it moisturizes it!

However, there are a handful of other creative ways that Vaseline can totally enhance your daily beauty routine. So read on, and then run out and buy yourself a fresh tub of Vaseline, because it’s also a good idea to have a separate tub for your creative beauty routine, and one for your everyday moisturizing needs.


Turns any powder make-up into a cream164650619

Let’s talk make-up first.  Have tons of awesome powder eye shadows, and a great collection of lipsticks?  Or did one of your beloved eye shadows shatter and you just couldn’t bear to throw it away? Well, mixing a powdered product with Vaseline creates a great cream to apply either on your lids or your cheeks for a balmy, luscious summer look.  Or, if you have a shade of lipstick you’d like to try on another part of your face, simply shave a little off and mix it with a little Vaseline.  Remember, a little goes a loooong way, and the coolest part of all of it?  You can control the potency of the color!

Don't have an eyeshadow primer? Mix Vaseline with a powdered eye shadow for a creamy finish and long-lasting effect. Create a creamy blush by mixing the jelly with your favorite blush.


Bolsters daytime mascara166243867

Rub just a little along your lash line during the day to add boost and shine to your daytime mascara application.  Perfect for your summer make-up routine, where we tend to have a more natural look!  Want to know how to apply a perfect summer glow? Check out our summer bronzer tutorial! Try Sorme Shimmer Glow in Bronzed.


Helps perfume last longer111797857

If you’re anything like me, I’m sorry.  But what I meant to say is, if you love your expensive, yummy fragrances such as Vera Wang, Chanel No. 5, or even my college classic staple Ralph Lauren Blue, you want your pricey bottle to last.  Well Vaseline to the rescue on this one!  Simply rub a little bit of Vaseline on the parts of your body where you spritz your fragrance, such as on the inside of your wrists or on your neck under your ears, and spray.  The Vaseline will capture the scent, leaving you smelling delicious for a lot longer.  For an everyday perfume wearer like me, this is awesome!


Covers split ends

Split endsNow we get to perhaps the most important point: how Vaseline helps our hair.  If you haven’t been able to get in to see your stylist for a while for a most important hair trim, and notice how ferocious your angry split ends are one morning, simply take a dime size amount of Vaseline and incorporate it into the ends of your hair.  The Vaseline will calm down otherwise dry, frizzy ends until you can get in for a trim or cut.


Holds sleek ‘dos

6543-6543-2 Kim K. definitely uses Vaseline to secure her sleek hairstyles


Finally, Vaseline can help bolster our favorite sleek updos.  Have you ever successfully accomplished a gorgeous, sleek, voluminous high ponytail, only to sort of ruin it by spraying too much hairspray on it to keep flyaways at bay?  Oh, no you haven’t?  I guess that’s only happened to me. Go figure.  Well anywho, the next time you do successfully execute a sleek ‘do, rub some Vaseline on your fingertips and slide them over any fly away strands to secure them in place while maintaining to natural smoothness of your sleek ‘do.  Here are some ideas for easy, breezy summer updos. 


So who knew there were so many creative ways to use Vaseline in your beauty routine, right? I certainly didn’t!  But I will definitely always keep a tub on hand now to implement these handy tricks!


For the love of hair,


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