DIY: the Perfect At-Home Pedicure

It’s FINALLY that time of the year again when we can put the snow boots away and get out the flats and sandals to let our toes breathe a little! After a long winter your toes may be less than picture perfect but don’t worry, with a quick at-home summertime pedicure you can have your feet sandal ready in no time!

toe nails in sand

First things first… soak those feet and get them ready for the transformation. Fill up your tub or a big bowl with warm water. To take it up a notch, add some tea tree oil, witch hazel, or some Epsom salts, all guaranteed to do great things for those feet! Soak for 5 to 10 minutes or as long as your water is still warm.


Next, get those feet and toes in shape for the public eye. This is going to take some buffing, scrubbing, trimming, and filing. To get rid of those rough spots, try a sugar scrub, and scrub those feet. Once you've gotten rid of the rough, take care of the new baby soft skin with a moisturizer. While you're moisturizing, take it a step further and make it a foot massage. If you’re in to it, here are the pressure points on your feet and what they correlate with.


Feet are looking good now but what about those toe nails? When was the last time they received a proper trim? Trim your toe nails straight across to avoid getting ingrown nails. Once they are trimmed down to size, file down the edges to give a smooth finish. Word of warning: if you’re a picker, you may be inclined to trim your cuticles down... don’t do it. Get an angled wooden tool and push those over grown cuticles back.



Finally, dress them up with a little color! Insert some foam tow separators and apply a clear basecoat with protein, vitamin E, and/or calcium, all guaranteed to help strengthen your nails to keep them looking good all summer! Next, layer on the color! Pick your favorite! A few of mine are Essie’s Watermelon, Camera, or Fifth Avenue. But this year is all about the pastels so maybe start off with some of those colors.

to dividers flowers

Well, you’ve done it. Your toes are ready for the public eye! Now go find a new pair of sandals to compliment your amazing at-home pedicure.

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