Beauty Regimen 101: Removing Your Eye Makeup

There's no denying that removing your eye makeup can be one of the biggest hassles in your beauty regimen. However, despite the hassle, it is one of the most important!178563663


It's a question I've been asking my fellow makeup-loving ladies for years now: "How do YOU remove your eye makeup?". After failed attempts at using a washcloth on my eyes in the shower and emerging looking like Alice Cooper, eye makeup remover burning my corneas, and the remnants of my makeup floating around my eyeballs - I've been in the market for some great eye make-up removal tips.

Here are some of the best "tried & true" tips I've found through some heavy research and experimentation:

1. Use oil for waterproof mascara. I read this and had a "DUH?!" moment. Oil trumps water, therefore it breaks down the waterproof properties in the mascara. Once applied, the oil helps the makeup slide right off the lashes. Oils are also a great eye makeup remover in general, as they are natural cleansers and gentle on the eyes. Recommended oils: Olive or almond

2. Use cotton balls & Q-tips. If you're anything like me, washcloths just seem to create a bigger mess, and can't reach the tiny places that cotton swabs can. Plus, washcloths can be harsh on your eyes - which need major TLC. Grab a cotton ball or Q-tip and lightly saturate with the remover of your choice. When you get to your lashes, gently glide the cotton over your fringe in a downward motion until clean. Removal wipes can also be very effective, and are easier to maneuver around the eye than a washcloth. Plus you don't have to deal with cloth staining and washing them afterwards!


3. Using lotion? If you experience problems with your eyes burning post-removal, it is partially due to what you're using on your eyes. A lot of people use lotion or moisturizer to remove their eye-makeup. I have had effective results with this, however, I only use a dab on my eyelids and under my eye to remove the excess mess. It might be best to steer clear of using it on your lashes unless the lotion is specifically designed for the eyes. Normally, whatever you use on your lashes can sometimes tend to seep into your eye - so make sure your cleanser is something safe for your peepers.

4. Remover burning eyes? To piggyback off of #3, if your eyes are burning post-removal - it is more than likely due to what you're using. A gentle purifying cleanser like Sorme Nourishing Daily Cleanser or wipe for sensitive skin is usually a safe bet to avoid turning your eyeballs into fireballs. Anything not officially intended for removing eye makeup might make them burn, should something leak into the eye. If you are using a makeup remover, look for a formula that's oil-free and marked as gentle. Sorme Clean & Gentle Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover sweeps away even waterproof mascara without burning your eyes.


5. Take your time. If most of your time during your daily makeup regimen is spent on your eyes, don't expect a quick and effortless removal! Depending on how thick you painted your oculars, properly removing the makeup will take time - so make sure to set the time aside for it.


The "Oh No-No's"

1. Do not rub or scrub your eyes. The skin around your eyes is the thinnest on your face and is usually the first place wrinkles like to call home. Because of this, it is imperative that you cleanse as gently as possible. If you're rushed and scrub the eye too hard, you increase your chances of wrinkles and you may lose a few lashes in the process. YIKES!115415488


2. Do not use Vaseline. Some women swear by this removal technique for heavy eye makeup. However, this is actually a practice that dermatologists and cosmetologists strongly disagree with. Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly can clog the tear ducts, cause stys, and trap dirt and bacteria if not completely removed. Choose a remover that is specifically intended for the eyes, or a natural oil to avoid the risk.99670593

3. Steer clear of alcohol-based removers. They can dry out the skin around the eyes, which always need major hydration.


As we all know, every woman has her own beauty secrets that she swears by and have been working for her for years. If you have a method that you love, stick to it! Have a great method I missed? We would love to hear your secret and what works best for you! As ladies, I'm sure we can all agree that we always welcome beauty advice from others with open arms!


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