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BioSilk Princess Braid Tutorial

When you have bangs, finding the right updo can be a bit of a challenge. Albert Luiz of Farouk Systems created this royalty-inspired that’s fun and creative, all while letting beautiful bangs take center stage.

BioSilk Princess Braid Tutorial

To create this style, you’ll need:

BioSilk Dry Clean Shampoo - This dry shampoo prepares the scalp and hair for styling by soaking up any oils and adding a texture that helps keep the style in place

CHI Backcombing Brush - This little brush packs a mighty punch when it comes to teasing.

BioSilk Finishing Spray - This spray helps lock the look in place, but it’s workable so you can use it throughout styling.

Bobby Pins - You’ll use these to help you section hair while styling and to hold hair in place for the finished look.

Thin Elastics - You’ll need two of these to secure the braids. Choose clear or a color that matches your hair.


Let’s get started:

Step by Step:

1. Get started by applying the BioSilk Dry Clean Shampoo along scalp and hairline.

2. Once you’ve created texture with the dry shampoo, it’s time to begin teasing! Using the CHI Backcombing Brush, tease thin sections along the crown. Holding the section of hair at 90 degrees, tease 2-3 inches from the scalp down to the scalp.

BioSilk Princess Braid Tutorial

3. Before releasing each teased section, spray BioSilk Finishing Spray on the teased section close to the roots.

4. After you’re done teasing, use your CHI Backcombing Brush to gently smooth the volumized section back.

5. Next, you’ll section off the top half of your hair. Do this by placing your index fingers right above your ears. Slowly move fingers back and slightly up until your fingertips meet. Secure separated section with a bobby pin.

BioSilk Princess Braid Tutorial

6. Lightly apply another layer of BioSilk Finishing Spray.

7. Split the hair into two sections: left and right.

8. Create a simple three-strand braid on each of the two sides. Secure each braid with a thin elastic.

BioSilk Princess Braid Tutorial
9. Using your right hand, grab your left braid and place over your head between your bangs and the rest of your hair (it should resemble a crown).

10. Repeat step 9 using your left hand to place your right braid.

BioSilk Princess Braid Tutorial

11. Tuck the end of each braid under the other braid and secure with a bobby pin or two.

12. Finish the look with a final mist of BioSilk Finishing Spray.

And there you have it: a beautiful updo fit for a princess. Finish your look by adding bold earrings. Think you’ll try it?

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