Blonde Ambition: Going Blonde

Blonde Ambition: Going Blonde

'Tis the season that many of us go lighter. Going blonde and maintaining blonde takes work. The best way to ensure you achieve healthy blonde hair is by going blonde progressively. This will help protect your strands while making the switch. No one wants to fry their tresses in the name of beauty. "But celebrities do it," you might say. Yes, some of them do. However, they're hair is most likely super damaged.


Taking the step by step approach can be challenging, but in the long run it's much healthier for your hair. "Going more than two shades lighter all over can cause major breakage," says stylist Mindy Stegall.

One way to get started is with highlights. Talk to your stylist about partial or full highlights (learn more about the differences here) and begin building the desired lightness in your hair color.

Another option before diving straight into blonde is using an ombre or balayage technique. These techniques will lighten up your strands and give you an opportunity to get more comfortable with the way the lighter hair fits your coloring and style.


While making the transition progressive is important, what is most important is maintenance. Any time you color your hair it's subject to not only damage, but also fading from the natural elements. Take care of your hair with blonde specific products that will pamper tresses, such as Paul Mitchell's Forever Blonde line, and including a deep conditioning treatment like TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Violet Mask. Using products for color treated hair (not just for blondes) is also smart. We're big fans of Joico's K-Pak Color Therapy line.

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