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Bronzed & Beautiful with Hempz Sun Care Products

Skirt, short and tank top season is here! Get a (SAFE) head start on your summer color with help from Hempz sun care products.

Our blogger Megan put Hempz sun care products to the test, and here's what she thought:


SoBronze Body Bronzer

SoBronze Body Bronzer

SoBronze Body Bronzer is a very silky and smooth bronzer that glides very easily onto the skin. This is a perfect bronzer for an all-over bronzed summer look. It's very pigmented, so use a light hand with your brush. I would recommend this product to finish your makeup, adding a very glistening, bronzed summertime look. I do really appreciate the natural ingredients as some bronzers tend to break me out, and this one did not. A great product for evening out tan lines on your chest from being in the sun, as well!


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SoBronze Pre-Sunless Body Polish

SoBronze Pre-Sunless Body Polish is a must-have product for sunless tanning! This super soft and gentle exfoliating product is something I never thought I needed with sunless tanning, but it's now a step in the process that I'll be using. This polish is such a gentle exfoliant that you could use it almost every day, even without being a sunless bronzing product. The product has a beautiful sparkly sheen when applied. It really evens out your skin tone before applying any product. The BEST thing about this product is that it doesn't have a scent like a lot sunless tanning products and is a soft texture for an exfoliant.


SoBronze Instant Body Bronzing Mist

SoBronze Instant Body Bronzing Mist beats a spray tan! This mist helps you maintain a faux glow all summer long without the harsh effects of the sun. Easy to apply, this misting spray is very light so it doesn't take a lot to blend in. It only takes about 5 - 8 minutes to dry, which makes things so much easier when applying. The scent is very minimal, too. This spray lasted seven days on my skin and didn't cake off. It was very natural-looking as it faded from my skin after a week, too - just like a real tan. I highly recommend this product for anyone that loves a bronzed glow all summer long. This is definitely a product for those with at least a medium skin tone as the coloring is pretty pigmented.

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