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CHI Touch Dryer Blowout Tutorial

CHI Touch Dryer Blowout Tutorial


Blowouts are all the rage right now. But we don’t always have time or money to book that appointment at the salon. Now, you don’t necessarily have to! You can create an amazing blowout right at home with your CHI Touch Dryer. I’ll tell you how. Let’s get started.


To create this style, you’ll need:

  • CHI Touch Blowdryer­ - To create the PERFECT blowout, this is the perfect tool.
  • CHI Volume Booster - This helps provide incredible volume, body, and thickness to hair with added shine. Check it out now.
  • Clips­ - To section off hair for the perfect blowout.
  • Large Ceramic Round Brush­ - Helps fast drying time while leaving your hair silky and smooth.


Let’s get started:


Step by step:


1. First, begin by spraying your hair with the CHI volume booster.

2. Now, with your CHI Touch Dryer set up your settings. Temperature first (hotter is better for this style), then speed, then ions.


CHI Touch Dryer Blowout Tutorial


3. Once your settings are complete, begin to rough dry until about 50% of your hair is dry.

4. Now it’s time to section. Finding the eyebrow point, section 1 is a larger section right on top of your crown.

5. Section 2 and 3 are right above your ear points.

6. Then divide the entire back quadrant into two sections creating sections 4 and 5.


CHI Touch Dryer Blowout Tutorial



7. Begin at your left side. Release the hair and grab your Large Ceramic Round Brush.

8. Place the round brush underneath your hair and roll all the way to the tips while the CHI Touch Dryer dries your hair. Rotate the brush a few times.

9. Once the section is completely dry, roll it all the way to the base of the section and press the cool shot button and let it sit for 5 seconds.


CHI Touch Dryer Blowout Tutorial


10. Continue those steps for each section of your hair concentrating on the rolling of the brush.

There you have it­ 10 steps to the perfect at home blowout. Now go enjoy your day knowing that your hair looks flawless.


CHI Touch Dryer Blowout Tutorial

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