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Falling for Curly Bangs

Falling for Curly Bangs

Looking for a way to do something different with your natural hairstyle for fall?  How about rocking curly bangs? Before you start picturing some version of no-no bad picture day, consider the following options:

Fringe bangs: Feisty, eye skimming, fringe bangs bring a level of dimension to a curly style.  Add in some face framing layers for added styling versatility.

Blunt bangs: Go all in with full on blunt cut bangs that celebrate the boing-y playfulness of natural hair.

Side swept bangs: What's not to love about lightly layered bangs that you can sweep out of your face?  This look would be killer with a deep side part and fluffed hair for height.

Baby bangs: Baby bangs work with amped up curls. It's a perfect cool girl hairstyle to try.  Wear it curly or slightly straightened for a totally different look.

Curly girls know that when you consider bangs you must consider shrinkage and hair that has a mind of its own. So when you head to the salon, be sure to see a curl specialist. We don't need any hair horror stories around here.


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