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Find the Best Pixie for Your Face Shape

Who says you can't chop off your hair this winter? Short hair isn't just for the summer months! Both Jennifer Hudson and Jennifer Lawrence dramatically changed their look by cutting off their long locks and embracing a pixie!

Jennifer Lawrence - Find the Best Pixie for Your Face Shape

Jennifer Hudson - Find the Best Pixie for Your Face Shape

"I woke up one morning and wanted to chop off all my hair," Jennifer Hudson recently said . "I just kept telling my hairstylist to keep cutting until I was happy with it."

So, if you are ready to make a big change this winter - why not try a pixie haircut!? Even though pixies are more common for a woman of a certain age, you can rock any hairstyle with the blend of confidence, comfort, and the right hair products. And yes, even woman with natural hair can rock a fabulous pixie.


Step One: Determine Your Face Shape
Before you commit to a certain haircut, make sure you find the best pixie for your face shape. Your face shape will fall in one of these four categories: square, round, heart, and oval.




Step Two: Find Perfect Pixie Cut
After you’ve determined your face shape, it’ll make it that much easier to find a cut you really like. Scour magazines and Pinterest for images of cuts you like so that your stylist can see exactly what you have in mind. Follow these guidelines for whichever shape your face is:

Square: Add Texture

Square faces often have strong jawlines, and the wrong pixie cut can often take away from the natural beauty that such a profile has. Keep your look soft by adding texture and layers. “Emma Watson is a great example of a square face with a pixie cut,” says stylist Sherice Zammitt.

Emma Watson Pixie Cut

Round: Add height + long layers!

Those with round faces, such as Michelle Williams, should ask for layers throughout. "A round pixie should be kept a little longer in the back,” says Zammitt, “This cut narrows her chin and closes out her face just enough to give her face a more oval shape.” These layers will help give your pixie cut height if desired, and will help draw the eye down making your face appear longer.

Michelle Williams

Heart: Long On Top

Heart shapes should look for cuts that can be easily pushed back or side swept. This will give you multiple styling options, including a swoop bang if you want to hide a larger forehead. Ginnifer Goodwin is a great example of heart shaped faces with great pixie cuts. “Her pixie cut both compliments and disguises her facial features. This style highlights her beautiful jawline and her sultry eyes,” says Zammitt of Goodwin’s hair cut.

Ginnifer Goodwin

Oval: Anything Goes

"While cutting a pixie on an oval face its all about focusing on the already perfect face shape,” says Zammitt. Those with oval face shapes are the luckiest as they can go nuts with most any pixie cut. “Anne Hathaway wears a great pixie cut - longer through the top and sits just above or a little on the ears.

Anne Hathaway

Once you determine the best pixie for your face shape, ask your hairstylist about the best products to transform your pixie from a daytime look for the office to a glamorous evening style for a date night.

“The best pixie cut in the world could be an epic fail without the right products to mold it into shape.  Pixie cuts and products go together like peanut butter and jelly.  When the hair is shorter, it can lose movement and body, so you have to put it back into the hair with textured products that make the hair hold the shape you created,” says stylist Mindy Stegall.

A few products we recommend for pixie styles include: Sebastatian Craft Clay (lets you add volume and texture while maintain a touchable hold) and Big Sexy Hair Powder Play (helps create a lightweight texture, separation and control).

P.S. Don't forget about the stress of growing out your pixie one day - we've got tips and tricks to help ease of the pain of growing out your short style.

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