Get Your Best Hair for Vacation

Get Your Best Hair for Vacation

Wanna get away? Then you’ll want to make sure your hair is as carefree as you are while you're vacationing. The last thing you want to be worried about while relaxing is a bunch of hair upkeep, but we know you still wanna look good.  With six key products, you can go the decidedly low maintenance route and still get your best hair for vacation.


Dry shampoo

Pack Joico Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo just in case washing your hair isn’t on your list of things to do everyday while you play. If you want to leave home with the perfect second day hair, dry shampoo is the perfect way to maintain it.


Daily conditioner

Leave the heavy stuff at home and go for a light conditioner like Schwarzkopf’s BC Bonacure Hairtherapy Repair Rescue Conditioner for your vacay. Use it as a pre or post-treatment to keep the chlorine and sun from frying your hair without weighing it down (after using a Bonacure shampoo, of course!)


Beach texture styling spray

When it comes to vacay hair, the beachier the wave, the better! Get a head start on that "fresh off the beach" texture with AG Hair Beach Bomb & Texture Spray Duo. This duo gets bonus points for added UV protection that keeps color from fading.


Multi-functional primer

Short on space in your suitcase? Go with AG Hair BB Cream Total Benefit Hair Primer, which can take whatever styling option you’re about to throw at it. This BB Cream primes and protects for healthier feeling (and great looking!) results.


Wide-tooth comb or Denman brush

You’ll need a wide-tooth comb or Denman brush to tame post-swim tangles. And my curly-haired gals, the Denman brush can be your best friend. Use it to cut down on frizz and evenly distribute any products you’re using.


Hair accessories

Thanks to no-brainer hair accessories like Ouchless elastics, twisted headbands, hats, scarves and turbans, there’s no such thing as a bad hair day on vacation. Think of them as a cover-ups for days that you can’t be bothered to use any of products listed above.


Once you’re back from your trip,  keep your best hair game going with these hair tips.

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