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Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

Tired of covering up your skin? With warmer weather on the way, it's finally time to ditch the bulky sweaters and thick leggings - but is your skin ready for sundresses and tank top season? Get your skin ready for summer in just three easy steps.

1. Prep your skin. 

Give your entire body an overhaul and scrub off the dry, dead skin winter has left behind. Hempz Sugar Body Scrubs in a variety of scents (my personal favorite Pomegranate Sugar Body Scrub) are just what your skin needs for a healthy exfoliating. Hempz products include a rich blend of essential oils that are guaranteed to leave your skin feeling refreshed.

To use, scoop about a quarter size of scrub for each limb. Apply with your hands or add to a loofah for extra scrubbing power. Don't forget to take care of your elbows, hands, ankles and feet as well. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

After scrubbing, follow up with a luscious moisture. Hempz Herbal Body Butter (in their original formula or pomegranate scent) is a great compliment to the sugar scrub, and it contains 100% pure natural hemp seed oil. If you're new to the hemp world, that basically means it's a great source of essential fatty acids, amino acids and tons of nutrients that are going to keep your skin hydrated and nourished.  Use as much and as often as you like!

2. Treat your lips.

Dry, cracked lips are definitely not going to get you any summer lovin'! Use a pea sized amount of Hempz Sugar Body Scrub and rub it gently onto your lips. Rinse thoroughly with warm water, while trying not to get any in your mouth. Pat lips dry. Immediately after scrubbing, treat your lips with Hempz Ultra-Moisturizing Herbal Lip Balm. Keep the balm in your purse or bag and use it as often as you like throughout the day.

3. Get some color.

Even though it's been awhile since your skin has seen the sun, no one needs to know! Add some color before you break out the shorts and tanks with some at-home sunless tanning products. About 10-12 days before you plan on showing some skin, start using Hempz Tinted Self-Tanning Body Lotion in either the light-to-medium or medium-to-dark shade (depending on your skin's natural tone). Sunless tanners give your skin the perfect shade while saving yourself from potential sun damage.

Once summer is here, keep skin nourished and soft after sun exposure with After Sun Cooling Gel and Body Hydrator.  Whether your skin’s had a little too much sun or just the right amount of vitamin D, it’s always important to replenish nutrients and keep your skin happy and healthy. And never leave home without some sunscreen!

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