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Loxa Beauty's Holiday Gift Guide 2014

The holiday shopping season has arrived! And we've got the perfect presents for everyone on your list. This our official ultimate holiday gift guide for everyone on your list:

Belles Will Be Blinging - For the girl that loves sparkle and shine, these dames give preferential treatment to all things blingy. Diamonds, glitter, tinsel - she loves it all. If it says glam, she’ll adore it. Try a few of these things to sparkle up her holiday.

Belles Will Be Blinging


Dashing Beaus - What do you get for the gentleman that loves to look and feel his best? If he’s been good then he’ll take pleasure in indulgent delights, but if he’s been naughty….well, that’s his problem now isn’t it? Try these things to make him look the best.

Dashing Beaus

  • American Crew Ultramatte - A matte finish that adds moisture to improve your hair's health and overall thickness.
  • Woody's Shave Lather - A moisturizing shave cream that's a rich, luxurious, self lathering cream which thinks it's an aerosol foam.


Reindeer Wranglers - Be it a dog, a cat or even a reindeer, these generous souls get the most pleasure in pampering their animal friends. Give them a gift that they can give further to truly make their pet's holiday a little brighter.

Reindeer Wranglers


Ski Bunnies - Whether it’s living it up on the slopes or basking in the sunshine, these outdoor cuties love working out their muscles in the great outdoors. Update her routine with go-to gifts perfect for outdoor (or indoor) workouts.

Ski Bunnies


Snow Men - Much like their counterparts, ski bunnies, snow men love spending time in the great outdoors and are happiest when being active. Treat them to something that makes them feel truly manly this holiday season.

Snow Men


Jolly Jet-Setters - These boys and girls are always on the go. Whether it's by plane, train or sleigh, you’ll seldom catch them in one place. Give them the gift of convenience this year for their next trip next year.

Jolly Jet Setters


Santa’s Little Helpers - Even Santa could use some help with stocking stuffers, and we've got the perfect suggestions (and all on budget!)

Santa's Little Helpers


Bundles of Joy - Who wouldn't want to dive into Santa’s sack and pull out a couple of gifts instead of one? That’s where our little bundles of joy come in. Find all sorts of gift packs for everyone on your list by shopping our kits!

Bundles of Joy


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