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Mermaid Waves How-To from AG Hair

mermaid waves how to from ag hair

Done with beachy waves? We hear you, girlfriend. Dive deeper into the deep blue sea with the hottest new hair trend, brought to you by our friends at AG Hair: mermaid waves.

Whereas beachy waves give you a tousled, straight-from-the-surf look, mermaid waves start smooth at the crown and ripple out symmetrically mid-shaft to ends. This smooth 'do plays up hair's natural shine.

And while we can't guarantee you a voice like a true hers, you can at least rock hair like Ariel's - in one of two ways!

Mermaid Waves #1: With Heat

1. For true mermaid waves, we suggest using a waver tool. If you don't have one, though, just use a standard 1" curling iron. But don't clamp hair down and roll it around the barrel like you would a spiral curl.

Instead, start the curl/wave at least two to three inches from your roots. Then keep the clamp closed as you wrap each strand of hair around the barrel, leaving an inch or two of hair at the ends uncurled.

2. After you've curled all your hair (or made it wavy), use a fine-tooth comb to break up the curls and give your waves a uniform look.

3. Mist all over with AG Hair Texture Spray, and you're set to sparkle like a beach goddess.

Mermaid Waves #2: No Heat

1.  Wash hair at night.

2. Divide your hair into two or three sections, then braid them starting at least three inches down from the roots. Braid to the end, then tie off with a clear elastic.

3. Sleep.

4. The next morning, use a blow dryer on the braids if you feel any dampness. If not, simply unravel the braids and finger-comb your strands.

5. Spray all over with AG Hair Texture Spray!

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