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Radical Hair Trends

We’ve all seen them before and if you’re anything like me, you’re a little intimidated by the radical hair trends. What do I mean when I say radical hair trends? The three major trends right now are half shaved heads, brightly colored hues, and the female Mohawk. I don’t mean to sound old fashioned and I’m not sure if it’s a sign that the times are changing or that I live in a more liberal city now (San Francisco!), but a couple of my co-workers have these hair styles and I think it’s great!

The Half Shaved Hairstyle:

Willow Smith Shaved Head Does it get more radical than shaving half of your head?! Depending on the original length of your hair, add drama by playing with differing lengths. Willow Smith and Cassie rock this look on the stage. My stylist's girlfriend rocks it in real life. Do you know someone who can take this look from the stage to the streets? Leave a comment or send a tweet!

 Brightly Colored Hair:

Katy Perry's Blue Hair

This radical hair trend is every little girls dream. “When I grow up I want pink hair!” Well ladies, it’s now a reality. You can make your hair any color you want it. My co-worker has blue, purple, and pink hair. The other day I could tell she had just gotten it done and, because I was working on this post (and I’m nosy), I decided to ask her about it. She told me the bad part about it is that she has to bleach her hair before adding the bold new color. But (fortunately) the color is natural and oil based, so it actually helps her hair recover from the harsh effect of the bleach.

 The Mohawk:

Rihanna's mohawk

This radical hair trend one is my favorite. I think it has major versatility, which is important in a hairstyle. Rihanna is a great illustration of this. She can rock her mohawk in the most elegant way and the next day turn it into a rocker look. I also have a co-worker who can pull off this look with her naturally curly hair and yet still look very professional. Because this is so closely related to the pixie cut, I think it would be the easiest of these three styles to transition to.

What radical hair trends have you been noticing in your city? Thinking of trying any of them out? I’d love to know!

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