Summer Wedding Nail Colors to Brighten Up Your Big Day

Summer Wedding Nail Colors to Brighten Up Your Big Day


We are SO over the wedding day French manicure, especially for a summer wedding!

Summer is the perfect time to add a pop of color to your nails - and to your big day. Whether it’s a color that compliments your wedding color palette, or you just want to spotlight your bright personality, a fun nail color is a great addition to your look. Try these Venique, Morgan Taylor, OPI, China Glaze and CND polish colors to take summer wedding nail colors from blah to bright and happy.



This fun and flirty red-pink-orange color will add a bit of spunk to summer wedding nails.

Palettes that match: coral, pink, red, orange.

Palettes that contrast: teal, mint, gold.

Hues to try: Morgan Taylor Candy Coated Coral, OPI Toucan Do it If You Try, or China Glaze Japanese Koi



A grown up version of purple, this shade goes perfectly with a variety of summer wedding color palettes.

Palettes to match: fuchsia, purple, lavender, silver.

Palettes to contrast: pink, teal, yellow.

Hues to try: Morgan Taylor All Dolled Up, OPI Chick Flick Cherry, or Venique Secured with Straps



Red is a classic color that stands out beautifully against a white dress. Whether you pair it with traditional red roses or a unique bouquet, red will is a gorgeous compliment to any wedding.

Palettes to match: red, pink, coral, white, silver.

Palettes to contrast: yellow, blue, orange.

Hues to try: Venique Going MIA, Morgan Taylor Man of the Moment, or China Glaze Light My Tiki



The perfect way to bring your "something blue"? On your tips! Create a new traditional with fun, funky teal-hued nails.

Palettes to match: teal, blue, lavender, mint.

Palettes to contrast: yellow, pink, coral, gold.

Hues to try: Venique Cleats Calling Four!, Morgan Taylor Gotta Have Hue, CND Blue Rapture



Lose the shear colors and try white-hot nails! These fashion-forward tips will compliment almost any palette.

Palettes to match: any!

Palettes to contrast: any!

Hues to try: OPI Alpine Snow, China Glaze White on White, Morgan Taylor Heaven Sent


Where can I buy CND products (or other salon nail brands), you ask?

Shop: CND Morgan Taylor China Glaze OPI |  Venique

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