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The Subtle Side Part

The subtle side part look for men is one that works with all hair types.  It's a look that is very easy to achieve and doesn't require much product!

Subtle Side Part

The AG Hair Stucco Matte Paste is a great product to use when trying to achieve the subtle side part style.  The AG Hair Stucco Matte Paste will give your hair more of a natural look versus a look that appears to be product heavy, while still giving it a long lasting hold.

To achieve this subtle side part style you will need the following products:

AG Hair Xtramoist Moisturizing Shampoo
AG Hair Ultramoist Moisturizing Conditioner
Blow Dryer
AG Hair Stucco Matte Paste
AG Hair Texture Spray Defining & Finishing Spray

1. First, start off with a  good shampoo and conditioner.  I use the AG Hair Xtramoist Moisturizing Shampoo and the AG Hair Ultramoist Moisturizing Conditioner. I love these two products because they work great together to rehydrate, revitalize and restore my dry hair.

2.  Next, I blow-dry my hair completely dry. Instead of using a brush I just use my fingers to help style my hair as it dries.  This helps create the more subtle side part, versus using a comb or brush that gives an end result of a much more manicured and controlled look.


Subtle Side Part

Subtle Side Part

3. Once my hair is dry, I then use about a nickel size worth of the AG Hair Stucco Matte Paste and work it into my hands.  Once this is done, I style my hair.

Subtle Side PartAgain, by using my fingers it helps to create more natural and subtle side part which is the end goal.

Subtle Side Part

Subtle Side Part

4. To finish my look off, I use AG Hair Texture Spray Defining & Finishing Spray. This adds a little shine to my hair and as well as some texture. This product is great because it gives a medium hold that lasts. I can run my fingers through my hair while maintaining a strong textured feel and a great look.

Subtle Side Part

Now you know how to create a natural and subtle side part style that looks fresh and is a top style for men this summer season.

Be sure to shop now and check out all the great products that AG Hair has to offer!

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