Why and How to Change Your Hair Part


That part line you’ve got going on…  Rocking the same automatic fall line since the 4th grade and, you bet, it’s only becoming more defined with time.  You will never get lost searching for the course of your part because, ladies and gentlemen, we have clearly found the path well-traveled.  After all those years of extra tugging and pulling, a nice little bald patch here, and some thinning there provides sharp signage outlining exactly where your part should fall.  Keep trudging along that path and it’ll be so distinct Moses might as well have parted the Red Sea right on top of your head.

Wonderful right?  No, no, NO!  I don’t know about you, but I’d prefer my part to resemble a path less traveled.  Because the hair at your part experiences more brushing and yanking, as well as being more exposed, it is prone to breakage.  Thinning or bald spots that occur as a result of this can be reversed using products such as Nioxin.  However, it is important to reduce the tugging in this area while trying to promote regrowth.

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Maintaining volume can also become difficult with an old part because hair is trained to fall to a certain direction.  Fergie's hair, below, has lost all of its character, leaving it looking lifeless and flat.  Changing up your part can be a pain, but it is definitely worth it in order to maintain healthy, lively hair.

Depending how stubborn your hair is or how drastically you plan to move your part will affect how long this process takes to settle in.  Surprisingly, I’ve found that one wash can give me a clean slate, and I can reset my part with a simple blow dry and a few bobby pins – but it is not always that easy.  At any rate – here is what you can do to help the process along:

1)      If you plan to blow dry your wet hair, immediately part your hair in the new direction you want it to fall.  Use the heat from the blow dryer to relax your hair as you guide it to lay in the new part.

2)      Hairspray your freshly dried hair to hold the part you just created.

3)      Keep the part in place by styling your hair accordingly for the day:

  • A low sleek ponytail keeping the new part defined
  • Pinning hair off to the side to help hold the new part in place
  • For short hair, use a little molding mud to give hair hold.

4)      At night, sleep with a few pins to hold the part in place as well.  With all of that tossing and turning your new part might be lost, causing all of the hard days’ work to be undone.

It might take a few days of this process to get that new part feeling natural, but your hair and scalp will love your for making this little change!


For the love of lively hair,


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